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Hi guys, When do you think the real buzz about Maidsafe can begin in the cryptoworld, is the alpha 3 in any way crutial or maybe the marketing is so much more important?


No. Need at a minimum vaults at home. (alpha 4)

But without test safe coin it really is too early to make a real buzz,

Although it will be an increasing thing after alpha 4 I’d say.


I hope youre wrong and we dont have to wait 6 months to see the buzz start, Lets hope marketing + new features in alpha 3 can make some impact. Personaly i believe that November will be a great month for Maidsafe and it will be starting to gather some big shark investors.


I’d love it if you were right but ummm well something tells me @neo is pretty close to the mark.

Just have an extra pair of underwear handy, if MAID tumbles and alpha 3 and 4 takes years not months (both quite possible) your self belief in the project will be tested :wink:

Another member mentioned it in another section but until the risk profile is removed eg: vaults/test Safecoin arrive no ‘shark’ in their right mind would take the punt, waaaay too many profitable options available in the near term.

Marketing makes minimal to sfa difference until then no matter how much you and I wish otherwise :pensive:


Alpha 3 is on the way, we are talking about 2-3 weeks max. Mark my words. Regarding Alpha 4, i believe that as the teams are growing the reliese should also be quite faster than some expect. Hopefully latest at summer next year.


I’ll be the first one doing backflips if your right :wink:

Actually @jabba might beat me to it :rofl:


Hopefully. Summer is december jan feb for me. So that only a few months.

Although I believe that alpha 3 will be here a lot quicker than alpha 2 was after alpha 1. I’d say, without any knowledge other than dev updates, we might even see testnets for alpha 3 out during November.


The key point is Alpha 4 has to work. If it does, and we are talking on a global scale, with testers around the globe, then and only then will sharks, whales and others start taking notice.


There is no doubt in my mind, if you look at the moves Maidsafe are making as a company (not the code) they exhibit undeniable confidence, and who knows better than them.


Not disagreeing with you. The “market” is more fickle. Seeing is believing to them. I cant wait for 2018 and beyond. It should be very exciting.




There’s nothing wrong with marketing now, it’s just a different type of message than will go out when beta (and golive) hits.

This is an ideal time to dwell on the pain points of the existing interweb (the ones SAFE will sort).

It’s an ideal time to share the vision of how the public will use SAFE to {insert benefit statements here}.

It’s also an ideal time to make the relationships that will get influencers to mention SAFE favourably, when the time comes. Influencing influencers takes time, and there’s no better time than now to establish a sound influencer network - those who publish, blog, evaluate products, are high volume affiliate sales site owners, social media - even those wacky 'tubers.

Think of this as the time of seeding. Harvest time comes when you light the fire and announce Beta, then again at GoLive.

The idea is to not burn out a message now, before it can be evaluated, but to tease until they drool - wanting the message and the network and the apps, on their devices.


Get that parasitic crown off of that image and I will share it far and wide.


Sure thing, here you go. :wink:


Thank you -----------------------------


I completely agree with you. I am sure the marketing team is preparing for exactly this behind the scenes. Maybe the marketing team can shine its light over this? I think everyone would be very interested in knowing what is cooking :wink:


Hahaha… Wild optimism.
No offence please. I think it will take at least a few months. Jeez, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another 2-3 weeks of code cleaning, nevermind completing Alpha 3.
Having said that, I would love it if you turned out right.


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