MaidSafe interoperability with other projects?

Hello MaidSafe!

Has there been thought or consideration of allowing interoperability between MaidSafe and other projects? I understand that MaidSafe is rebuilding the internet from the ground up with autonomy, better secured protocols and having a Safe Browser to navigate through the new network.

But I wonder, how much of “if you build it, they will come…” is applicable? If products/services need to be rebuilt for the Safe network, it would be a huge undertaking; and with so many crypto-related projects emerging, where some also aim to build a better/safer internet (e.g. Nexus); how much of an impact can MaidSafe have if there may lost likely be several options to choose from?

I’m a believer in the technology, and will try/test the alpha 2 safe network for myself; I just couldn’t help think of possible integrations with other projects.


The SAFE network is doing things that are not possible in the old internet - things like everlasting storage of information that moves like a river from computer to computer. This is enough to capture the whole market…

But there is more. Like owning, yes OWNING domains!


I have yet to see another project that comes remotely close to what maidsafe is building, it is like a few generations above all other competition. Why would you have blockchain social network projects, youtube streaming projects and so on when most projects can be built on the SAFE-network with superior scalability, privacy, security, speed and so on.


I think the early switchover products (ie not brand new products) will be using SAFE as a ‘better database’ but entirely behind the scenes (ie their customers won’t know they use it). By better I mean cheaper, more reliable, more secure. Things like backups and static data will be easier to put on SAFE than a secure redundant database the company has to manage.

Then there will be a later wave where the identity management and built-in economic system will be so useful they will attract companies to do the switchover.

And maybe late stage there might be regulations that require certain handling of data (think PCI and GDPR) which is most easily satisfied by using SAFE, so there may be some regulatory push.

But I suspect most activity will probably be from new services built specifically for SAFE.

Definitely, and partnerships should be formed if possible. Companies love some hand-holding. Red Hat is pretty-much entirely based on hand-holding and is extremely successful. So I would anticipate a big opportunity coming.


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