MaidSafe interoperability with other blockchains?

Hello MaidSafe!

Has there been thought or consideration of allowing interoperability between MaidSafe and other projects? I understand that MaidSafe is rebuilding the internet from the ground up with autonomy, better secured protocols and having a Safe Browser to navigate through the new network.

But I wonder, how much of “if you build it, they will come…” is applicable? If products/services need to be rebuilt for the Safe network, it would be a huge undertaking; and with so many crypto-related projects emerging, where some also aim to build a better/safer internet (e.g. Nexus); how much of an impact can MaidSafe have if there may lost likely be several options to choose from?

I’m a believer in the technology, and will try/test the alpha 2 safe network for myself; I just couldn’t help think of possible integrations with other projects.

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Would you integrate caveman into a spaceship? Horse into a car? Old technology is rarely integrated into superior unless it is somehow unique. I myself spent lot of thinking about blockchain on Safe Network, how cool it would be to have single distributed BTC blockchain on MAID and let the old model die. But than I realized, that is is like integrating GOLD into BTC. Or USD into blockchain. It simply is not possible without high costs. All the attempts are centralized and fragile and sooner or later will die.And in fact, evolution will find its way, as it always does in decentralized systems. People tend to think someting has to be done some way, but in realitty, people are always wrong. My worst investment in my life was to think my brain is capable of reasoing some investment is good or wrong because of something. Now I know, to sit and let the wild randomness and chaos work for me. Safe network potencional is so huge, that none of us is capable to imagine the real potencial. Does not matter, that something can’t be integrated easily, it is like saying BTC is wortless because it takes 10 minutes to confirm. I would be multi-millionaire if I did not think 10 minutes is too much:(


There’s some logic in trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel and to build by combining existing systems, but for the most part SAFE offers such an improvement over those projects, the effort of implementing that part (probably a small part) needed to gain the full benefits of SAFE is likely to be worth it. Not in all cases, but most IMO.


You combine several different points and will try to address them separately…

  • Monetary Value: Market ultimately decides, regardless if there’s a working product or not (e.g. BitShares vs. other projects).
  • Bitcoin has shown to be a tried and true technology, and since majority of exchanges use it as it’s primary trading pair, I don’t think we’ll see BTC go anywhere; but perhaps if more trading pairs are made available with ETH, there could be a flippening.

Sometimes it’s good to acknowledge the “randomness and chaos”, it’s better to try to break it down and understand the factors contributing to the success/adoption of a project.

Understood that the effort related to integrating traditional systems may not be worth the time. I guess I’m wondering how the team plans to drive adoption with there being so many alternatives in the space.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel that the Safe network is primarily for consumers and not so much for businesses/enterprises (although they may see it/try it out). My main concern (as it is with all new technologies/blockchain projects), what will drive adoption?

There are several discussions about adoption on the forum and many more opinions and suggestions :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is primarily for consumers. The business case is going to be compelling, and would probably be an easier sell. First step is to developers, early adopters / journalists, and niches who are going to be most receptive (so the crypto-style business for example). At any point I think there are many opportunities for MaidSafe (government and business) but I think their wish is to build something that democratises both the internet and the platform - so this may be their priority even if the business/government type opportunities are bigger. That may be giving a false picture of the potential markets?

I have no worries about adoption. The question is about displacement (eg of mainstream monopoly platforms), but that is long term and will happen not because SAFE is better but because it has become ubiquitous. But that isn’t something that can be made to happen other than by being the best way to do stuff for the maximum number of people. So that means primary focus on the product/platform until that is solid and can be marketed to many groups.


Exactly market will decide, if old blockchain technology( or any other) will be integrated into MaidSafe or not. But this integration will be centralized or custom made, not a native par of safenet. Nobody can stop me or you to create some middleman service that connects blockchains with Safenet somehow. Sure, you are right, it would be better to be able to reuse some existing technology than force everyone to invent a wheel. Unless Maidsafe does not integrate native compatibility with thousands different blockchain projects(or any other tech), such integration of technolgies will have to come as custom library/addon/service created by safenet users/companies. Thats why I think it will evolve and find the way. Btw, BTC value in pre Safenet world can be totaly different than in post safenet world. I would still rather hold gold than BTC in very long run(like tens or hundreds of years), because time still has to show if BTC can survive as long as did gold as store of value.

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