Maidsafe intended functionality

Hi, I would like to know if maidsafe is designed to bring freedom to internet 1.0, or if it works only on content made for maidsafe and stored in maidsafe’s storage.

Also, has anyone tested it out in PRC?

It’s a better internet that will replace the current bad one

tl;dr imagine Charmander evolving straight into Mega-Charizard.


Yes and no

Directly to internet 1.0? no

To people using the internet, it brings them added freedom and security.

Sort of like how the internet allowed a sort of freedom to merchants and stores with only physical locations, they did that by joining and being apart of the internet

So to the users of the internet yes , to the internet 1.0 as purely just the system of what internet 1,0 is and represents in technical aspects , then no


It’s all the things above and more…

If you own MaidSafeCoins (Safecoin), you have the most ingenious expression of money in your lifetime. Fiat is doomed money (made by the fed). Safecoins are made by the people through their secured internet. If internet 1.0 can get more than 3 billion users. Maidsafe will probably have 8 billion and Safecoin will become the reserve money (because every has access to it).

If you think about the trillion dollar enterprise that internet 1.0 has become.
Now think about Maidsafe as internet 2.0 with you as a shareholder simply by using it. Even my talk is another small piece of the puzzle, but please stick around to understand Maidsafe. I’ve been here for months and every time I learn some new stuff. Don’t think of it as being related to internet 1.0, it’s absolutely not. It’s the internet for the internet of things and a playground for progressive people (Devs, artists and common people).



Rocking community guys :). Installed ubuntu today to build roms for fenix… Hope to give the testnet a try, too.


My thoughts:

ProjectSAFE is NOT designed to bring freedom to internet 1.0.

Internet 1 is a project of the owners, with built in ‘listening’…it’s been very successful in altering the behavior of the uninformed masses. The masses now believe that trading their ‘freedoms and liberty’ for the security to be a fair deal…go figure.

The formula seems even more lop sided when you define ‘Liberty’. The owners current definition of ‘Liberty’ comes from one side of Isaiah Berlin’s…“Two Concepts of Liberty

Adam Curtis covered the twin concepts masterfully in the documentary film “We Will Force You To Be Free”

Mr Curtis has maybe been a little devious in this particular documentary…he describes negative and positive freedoms…and describes how there is an alternative idea of ‘Liberty’ that is dangerous

But this is the meme that Adam himself plays on…the duality, the choice…two choices …Coke or Pepsi, Black or White, My team Your team.

Choice is an illusion, because the owners set up the choices for you ala Behavioral Economics.

Free Will is an entirely different matter altogether and one that must be debunked at all cost …by providing endless choices…from a set menu.

So no, ProjectSAFE does not offer Freedom to Internet 1, it offers Freedom from Internet 1, it’s owners and their systems. This current system of the owners is collapsing in plain view and of course they have been planning the next version for many years. I believe a ‘blockchain’ (triple entry) type mechanism is part of that new system.

To enable this system, there will be many traitors to humanity on their payroll to enable it…think of the scene in the Matrix when Neo is being shown the Matrix for the first time…and it was explained to him, that the people he could observe fully believed they were existing in a real world and that they would fight to the death to defend that system.

In this world at this time, I would not consider Freedom to be available anywhere.

That is where ProjectSAFE comes in and what it signifies for me is ‘Safety and Freedom for Everyone’

ProjectSAFE launch would be equivalent to the closing scene of the Matrix, when the Sun comes up.

The battle has obviously now started…the Maidsafe team have put plans in place to enable Freedom…by designing a fantastic network and putting transparent protection mechanisms into place…but it takes our own free will to accept the offer and then run with it.

Why oh why would you want to ‘bridge’ Internet 1 to ProjectSAFE…unless…


@chrisfostertv - I’d live you to do that to camera man!