MaidSAFE in Wired 11/06/2014

There are a lot of things MaidSAFE could provide but by far the most important is a permanent unavoidable much safer replacement for efforts like Wikileaks. That will change the narrative in whats left of the net and the way power works in the world. Seems like that has to be the foundation, the fire starter, and its enough to spread the service quickly to scale. Time is compressing.

The best way to ensure a successful SAFEcoin may be to have a successful ProjectSAFE launch first. If need be I hope ProjectSAFE can be launched without the SAFEcoin element… A FED made transparent may be more willing to recognize the practical boundaries of nationality. The intent of the spin on this bit of propaganda (Wired 11/6) seems to be (in part) to lump SAFE in with the sinking “selfish” bitcoin ship.

On the one hand the GOP getting a majority in the Senate may help crypto currency efforts, on the other Obama wants the TPP as does the GOP (as did the Dems) and the GOP now thinks it will push the FCC to further weaken the net for “money as speech” to help fuel the vote suppression efforts that allow it to continue to exist. Voter suppression is not transparency compatible and if they are laying the groundwork for the next 911 for further crack down that wont’ be compatible with transparency either.

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Just lol.

Feds can try all they want

But they don’t stand a chance against the SAFE revolution

Beautiful. Deep.

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Don’t hope for this limitation on the network though.

Just remember, the Feds only affect the US, and by an ever-weakening amount. So SafeCoin is needed, and will grow just fine. The feds aren’t a threat, whatever they decide to do.

What I see here is the profile of MaidSafe rising. I’m not an expert, but don’t see the SEC has any jurisdiction over the MaidSafe crowdsale, and if they did they’d be going after the MaidSafe Foundation, a Scottish Charity. That wouldn’t look good.


Or even be legal / possible

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Don’t underestimate the US government. Kim Dotcom may be extradited to the US for breaking US laws. Marc Emery was extradited to the US from Canada and served a 5 year prison sentence. He did not break Canadian law.


I am with you guys. I don’t see SAFEcoin as an option, I see it is as part of a logical progression. But time is of the essence and as @eblanshey pointed out the US government hasn’t been all that rational for a while in this area. Messing with its currency is messing with its brand. At this point its trying to hold on to its waning prestige with all its got while hoping that doing so will help it recover. But its in trouble because its corrupt and it hasn’t been effectively addressing that corruption. Would these people be in US jails if it weren’t corrupt?

Some have it that Sadam Hussein blazed this trail at his peril in trying to trade Euros for oil, as that was not part of his puppet franchise agreement. He was just supposed to sit there and let them siphon his Iraq’s oil from Quwait and nothing and he surely wasn’t allowed to trade the Euro when the EU on paper eclipsed the US as the economic power and the world’s moral/ethical leader. Look at the erosion, CERN isn’t in the US, where is the US space program? How about the state of US infrastructure? Who is the biggest car manufacturer? Who is in danger of losing reserve currency status. What about the health of the Fed itself? Its an injured animal.

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