Maidsafe in the command line

I have a few servers I am not using you anything and I would love to run maidsafe on them. I was wondering how I could do that.

If I am right I should install the Maidsafe launcher right ? is there some type of command line only launcher I can install so that I can keep them running 24/7 on my servers.


I have 2 ubuntu 14.04 servers and one 16.04 that I can access via ssh.

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@shawngg from the command line you can run a Vault which will add resource to the network.

tar -xvf safe_vault-v0.9.0-linux-musl-x64.tar.gz
cd safe_vault-v0.9.0-linux-musl-x64/

Thanks for wanting to get involved in the testing :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for the fast response. Will try this.

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Are there also plans for a commandline launcher with all the API functionality? I’m thinking of an app with some backend functionality that can access the launcher API.

This was discussed recently on the dev forum. There is going to be a new RFC for improvements to the launcher, including potentially a CLI (IMO, this is critical for server apps).

Cool, thanx for the quick response. Btw, with a search query on the dev forum I can’t find this information.