MaidSafe in poor or rural areas (Africa, Americas)

I don’t know if anyone has touched on this yet, but how will MaidSafe fare in places where dearth of good hardware is rife, and internet connection is sporadic and intermittent at best, like some parts of the Americas or Africas? This could be quite serious, as access would require buying crytpocurrency, and this could deprive folks from free access to learning material.
Also, there is a move to mobile devices instead of the typical pc unit, and mobile hardwares tend to be offline very often (limited battery power) and also have limited hardware capacities. This could cause some serious issues no?

All that was extensively discussed on the forum:

  • Free: free content will be free, it doesn’t cost anything to download free content (I hope you don’t expect MaidSafe to give away PCs and ADSL subscription?)
  • There are projects that address accessibility problems and nothing prevents them to add a VHost to their Web server that proxies MaidSafe via HTTP.
  • Books and other learning material actually require very little bandwidth that it’s in fact possible to provide satellite based downloads for that. No internet connection is required. Satellite > Receiver > Local WiFi > Tablet/PC/Phone with eBook reader.
  • SafeCoin giveaways: you can donate or solicit donations for SafeCoins that should be used for subsidized or free access to private (protected) content. There was talk about giveaways as well, search the forum.
  • Mobile hardware: Mobile Apps (Android) (IOS) and several other places, search the forum
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