Maidsafe in famous spanish blog

Maidsafe has been mentioned in a famous spanish blog about technology:


Anyone here who can translate the SAFE part in the article?

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The title of the article is “The outage of Amazon brings us fears of a too centralized internet” and one line in the article “There are projects like MaidSafe that long try to offer that option to all types of services, and we know that the P2P model can go far beyond downloads with BitTorrent.” Maidsafe is hyperlinked to


Good quote:

“La web descentralizada es posible, pero su principal obstáculo es, precisamente, nuestra pereza”

The decentralized web is, in fact, possible, but its mayor obstacle is our own laziness.


"El problema es que la puesta en marcha de estos servicios -que cualquiera puede ejecutar desde su casa- requiere ciertos conocimientos técnicos y, sobre todo, voluntad para dedicar el tiempo y esfuerzo que suponen lanzarlos y mantenerlos. "

Free translation: main problem is services like Dropbox,Gmail etc are easy to use for everyone while hosting your own Owncloud or Etherpad is not.

Or differently: people need well designed interfaces to get along with complicated tech without throwing endless amounts of time at it