MaidSafe in Cordoba - Argentina


Hi there!
I just wanted to share with you that I’m trying to create a group to start sharing ideas or activities around MaidSafe in Cordoba Argentina. For those in the area please join the meetup I just created so we can meet!


Edit: welcome @bochaco / Gabriel, this is great :slight_smile: - have moved this to Meetups topic. - @happybeing


That’s awesome!

Get the word out!

Perhaps a translation of the video on would be helpful, if you’re up to making it! :stuck_out_tongue:

But keep up the good work!

MaidSafe is going to change everything, very soon :slight_smile:


Great stuff Gabriel.

Maybe you would have more luck in getting some participants by posting some explanations videos and texts on Argentinas Facebook page and Bitcointalk’s Spanish speaking part of the forum?


Get yourself one of these puppies, by direct messaging @justine_mclevy with UK sizing and mailing address (might be the next order though) …Devs will be begging to join :smile:


Thanks guys for your support and ideas which I’ll definitely be considering!