MaidSafe has just grown a new competitor

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I just don’t understand why it takes these look alikes 6 months to get a product from Alpha to Beta. It must be so easy


It would help if Maid release date was approaching sooner

I don’t think they know a release date. They are just working through the issues to get to a solution. They did predict a year for beta a couple of years ago and they were wrong. So its better to just make sure they produce a robust product. BTW I was just joking about the competitor above. I don’t think they have a hope in hades :yum:

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None of these come even close to what Maidsafe is doing whebmn you break them down.

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It actually looks like quite an interesting concept. It essentially evolves what the likes of Amazon are doing with Lambda (serverless in a different context to SAFENetwork) to a distributed open network that people can opt into. So, instead of Amazon providing the hardware, people volunteer their home computers instead.

That said, they have a laundry list of features and I suspect it will take them at least 3-4 years to deliver it (edit: actually, probably 5+ and a tail wind - Lambda took Amazon years in a controlled environment, iirc) I am somewhat experienced in devops (although back to development 100% these days) and it is a big job just to get corporate networks to scale out, having many more bodies to help than these guys seem to have. To design a system that essentially automates the automation layer again and make it robust, performant, stable, billable, secure, etc, is no mean feat.

Still, ambition is good and their whitepaper is a hell of a lot more impressive than another distributed internet paper I read recently. In fact, it sounds like it actually suggests a design approach rare than just hand waving, which is novel! :slight_smile:


The thing is, what this sort of tech needs is an autonomous data network as a backbone… :slight_smile:



20 Character LOL

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CEO is 20 years old … looks like a pump and dump to me
cryptocoin investors beware…

The energy of youth… they know not what they don’t know :wink:


And 2 devs… lol.


I’m more interesting in the opinion of others concerning Bluezelle:

Probably the same devs from NVO. 2 weeks^tm. Release a full feature safenet v10.0!


And created the prototype by accident.


The repetition (10+ times an hour) of the following tweet is certainly annoying. But that could be free marketing for Maidsafe :slight_smile:.

Intеrnхt is сrеating decentrаlizеd Intеrnet sеrviсеs aimеd to bе used bу thе mass markеt. Thеy’re doing thе jоb Stоrj, Siа and MaidSafe didn’t managе to do; taking а supеriоr tесhnologу tо thе mаss mаrkеt. Аmazon, Aррle, Gооgle: Gеt rеadу!

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It’s forked from Storj. Says so in the whitepaper. So a buttload of nothing to see here.


Probably why they have the same hollow message on repeat


People don’t really understand the difference between being able to send money electronically and what bitcoin’s actual potential is. Likewise people don’t realize what SAFE’s true potential is when they attempt to imitate certain aspects of it.