Maidsafe has a serious competitor

This is reddit link about ethereum’s Akasha project.
Akasha project is decentralized SNS lives upon ethereum platform. Akasha will use IPFS as content storage system. (at least for now)
From this link, Akasha project lead developer mentioned about IPFS and FIlecoin

" when IPFS JS is completed, it would basically make IPFS accessible from normal browsers and I suppose Filecoin could become something quite big with all that penetration potential."

I think this is direct threat to maidsafe. isn’t it??

IPFS is strictly storage. It is a great program, but does not offer privacy like SAFE.

Already on the test network there appears to be a very similar (or at least the potential of a very similar service on the network) POC : Introducing SafeShare, a file sharing and pasting webapp

The great thing about SAFE is it is private (no IP addresses to track) and is not an app or strictly a file store, but more like a database/backend or protocol that can be built upon with almost limitless potential without the current constraints of the block chain. (Transaction speed, size, etc…)

Both are great projects but I don’t think they are direct competitors.


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