Maidsafe Hardwallet Compatibility

Hey I just bought a minute amount of Maid, and put it onto an address associated with a Ledger HW.1.

It’s not a big deal considering the amount ‘locked’ in the wallet, but when I contacted Ledger, their CEO told me that it’s up to the alt-coin’s developers and users to create a compatible app or something.

I’m just wondering if anyone is making strides into this already, or if those Maid’s are now out of circulation?

I hope by the release of Safe they’ve already started looking at least into HardWallet compatibility, and it any case I’ll be storing the remainder on paper. But Hard is just so cool, and convenient for me.

Thanks for reading this guys and forgive my noobiness with depositing to a wallet where the private key is impossible for me to find xD

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You would have to create a transaction that transfers MAID out of that address and sign it with the hw wallet.
To craft such a transaction, you would have to do it externally, with tools unrelated to MaidSafe (you should ask on Omni forums, that is the coin platform used by MAID).

If the amount is actually tiny, I wouldn’t bother unless MAID appreciates a few more times - it’s probably too much trouble.


thank you very much I’ll make a similar post on the omni forums!

It’s a significant amount to some, to me, minute. But being as I’ll always
remember when even $20 was significant to me, I would RATHER not lose them,
but won’t lose sleep over it.

Appreciate your time responding mate, thanks and good luck in your own

Do you have access to your private keys for the address?

If you do then as @janitor says and you can use to send the MAID from your address to where ever you want.


You won’t lose them, they would just remain there until such point in the future that Omni starts supporting that hardware wallet :slight_smile:

that’s exactly what I was thinking, I’d have to just wait for them to develop the appropriate google app compatible with the Ledgers. And @neo, no…the whole point of these wallets is the keys are stored ON the smart chip or something, so I’m sitting here trying to find a way, and Ledger is basically saying, it’s all open source (or something xD) so it’s up to the alt-coiners to make it compatible!

Oh well I made sure to get a significant amount of Maid now secured on a paper address.

Some Qora too…feeling very interested in this almost anti-network =P

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So, the problem (if you wanted to even call it that!) has been solved. To anyone who would PREFER to use their Ledger Nano or HW.1s, etc, to store MAID you can!

You just have to have offline (for your own sake, technically NOT necessary, but why risk if you plan on reusing the wallet?) access to and follow these instructions (NOTE: these are for 1 account wallets, for additional accounts you may have to alter some inputs to compensate for the additionals) :

  1. File > Save-as, save this page as a file (bip39.html)
  2. shutdown all internet (wifi off)
  3. open the file bip39.html in your browser
  4. select “number of words” 24
  5. in the BIP 39 mnemonic enter your 24 words
  6. scroll down and make sure BIP44 is selected
  7. on the “Derived Addresses” section, you should find somewhere the address where you sent the Maidsafe coins
  8. copy on a text file what is under “private key” on the line corresponding to your address (starts by L or K, for instance L5mynsTnASdqLPi2pocNXcJdtu3f76N4D9vU2PSw8hmysaxDGeBt)
  9. when it’s saved somewhere, kill the browser
  10. reactivate internet (wifi on)
  11. go to your omniwallet account, import funds, paste your private key
  12. make sure it moved the funds to a new addres (you should see an outgoing transaction in your Ledger Wallet Chrome address)

Hope this helps anyone who makes the same confusing transfer, and helps anyone who actually prefers to store on a HardWallet like myself. I’ve moved the MAIDS to paper for the convenience, but I’m no where near savvy at the moment…so for someone who IS, maybe the Hardwallet poses no real inconvenience!

Thanks for anyone who read ANY of this because it showed at least you were ready to hit reply even if it doesn’t help!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:


I was reading about a similar procedure for MultiBit HD private keys export.
It’s a similar procedure and although I don’t need to use it, it’s good to know it works if the steps are properly followed.

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