Maidsafe Foundation STEM Resources; Air powered Car

The six year old and I had an attempt at building the balloon powered lego car. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be :sweat_smile:. There were a lot of factors for the kid to consider. I won’t go into details why or where certain things didn’t work so if you attempt this the learning process will be yours and your kid’s (although by seeing the following pics you may be able to cheat a little :wink:. It was a lot of fun and the kid enjoyed himself thoroughly.

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Attempt 3:

Attempt 4:

Attempt 5: (This one works about 75% of the time, there is a trick to getting it to go properly which I won’t explain :yum:) And of course as you can see we progressed to full Maidsafe colors :upside_down_face:.

Fun project to do that kept the kid busy for a near two hours. Thanks Maidsafe Foundation! And we look forward to choosing the next project in the list.

Oh, and here he is blowing up the ballon :grin:


This is awesome!!! :smile:


Where’s me video, ma?!

I love how it turns more and more into a car-decorated balloon. Great stuff tho, especially during these grim times when everyone is soooooooooooo serious.

wow, the floor needs a wash, gardening on a Sunday will do that. Terrible color choice for floor tile.

Here ya go @anon28980808

Edit, i see that might not be working, it labeled as private. Guess its not like yt where you can share the link. Back in the garden will fix later… Edit: FIXED


Ouch! Could you label it public for a brief? I would really love to see the car having a dance with the balloon. I know I know, this is how far I have come.

@anon28980808 that should be viewable now. Sorry, never used dailymotion before and the settings, even the video, were really hard to find…

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