Maidsafe Forum Metrics

@polpolrene of the 2500+ members how many are active?

Say using something like - # of members posting more than x times per day/week/mo?

On Dev update dates, what does the traffic increase to? By members and non-members?

Is that info easily available?

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I did an update in this topic:

Some numbers can be confusing but this gives quite a clear view.


BTW. Just got this link from @frabrunelle

It’s fully open for everyone on the forum. It says that each month we have 451 active different users. It’s close to 300 per week. Next to that we have a lot of guests:

So if 300 active users per week log in to the forum creating 40486 API requests. Then how many users are anonymously creating 37851 ones? I guess it’s more than the active users because the active ones are like euh… active.


Thank you @polpolrene This is valuable info.

many people have mutliple devices and dont login on all of them.

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