Maidsafe featured in an article on Huffington Post


Wonder where they got their Aug 12 release of Alpha

[quote]For hopeful investors, Hendren explained that the next month will be the best time to “get in early” before MaidSafe enters its Alpha.
“One big reason to watch it is that they’re releasing their Alpha on August 12,” said Hendren. “Whenever I advise tokens I usually advise you to go read the white paper and do your own research—but if you want to get in early for this one, you have til August 12 to get in.”[/quote]


I can’t imagine they got it from MaidSafe. They probably base it on the DEV updates and assumed that the test networks will take up about 1,5 months.

Either way here’s to hoping that they are right :clinking_glasses:


Richard’s dab is the best GIF ever made.

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Wonder where they got their Aug 12 release of Alpha

Alpha 1 was released on August 12th, 2016 - so maybe they found some old announcement and thought it refers to this year for some reason.


It’s either great journalism, finding out something that no-one else knows, or rubbish journalism forgetting what year it is. I know which I suspect.


It is obviously INCORRECT because we know maidsafe themselves are not sure when alpha2 will be, because it depends on the outcome of tests. Best is its an estimate without any reference, worst is deliberately made up.


The post has been removed from the Huffington Post Contributor Platform…

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“This post from The Huffington Post Contributor Platform is no longer available on our site.”

Unfaking fake news.

I really dislike HuffPo.

But if they are going to promote MaidSafe and not screw it with new money I guess I might be OK with that.