MaidSafe disappeared off's main list today


It can still be found if it is put into’s search field but otherwise it is unlisted in the main list for comparison. Anyone know why?


I noticed that earlier as well, I am not sure why though. No news.


Probably caused by 24hr volume.


They did that to us too. Look under ‘Assets’.


It happens when the daily volume drops below a certain threshold. It’s could be seen as a good thing… nobody wants to sell - people just holding on and waiting for the network launch.


The trading bots on poloniex will soon enough get that 24h volume back up LOL


This reminds me, would it be beneficial for me to ask back for free trading on poloniex to raise the 24h volume artificially?

I felt it against the standards I set up after walking away from hedge funds and kindergarten street.


Heee there is also to check out Maidsafe’s position and they provide way more info. Most important thing you need to keep in mind is Maidsafe in #1, in the logic of the universe, so “hurry up and buy”.


This has already been answered a few posts up. It has nothing to do with current trade volume, trade volume is fine , it has now been moved to a new page under “assets”

once the coin changes from token stage to actual coin stage then i am guessing it will be moved back