MaidSafe Dev Update - September 7, 2017


what are some example websites i can view on the new browser?



You could also go to overview page safe://listy.test (see also here) and complete it.


As always, great stuff folks! All the very best.


Two thoughts as a recent follower of this project:

  1. Will development for Alpha 2, 3, and 4 happen concurrently? Is it foolish to assume Beta will be released by the end of the year?

  2. What is the best resource to better understand Maidsafe? I’m not familiar with all the technical terms I’ve been reading and have a basic understanding of how the internet works; right now, Maidsafe=decentralized internet.

This community has plenty of awesome contributors and I hope to help where I can.


May I modestly suggest you start with

It needs updating to take in the latest developments but the information is mostly current.

Then you might move on to the excellent:

And if you want to get into the nitty griitty, the equally excellent but more technical:

There’s also the MaidSafe blog of course, and the founder’s blog .

Edit: … and I forgot one: SAFE Network for Dummies


With respect to the timeframes you are enquiring about for Alpha 2,3,4 etc I’m fairly certain most responses here will be along the lines of ‘it takes as long as it takes’.
When you hear that don’t be put off at all, David has indicated before that it is hoped that its weeks perhaps a small few months until alpha 3 but tbh most of us here understand that may mean 6-12 months + if any major roadblocks rear their head.
The team do have a rollout planned and it is anticipated that things will pick up steam for the rollout of each alpha but it’s perfectly ok if it takes longer :wink:
As for beta my friend it could be 2018 or 2020 or beyond and either is perfectly fine if the architecture and product are on point, when that moment comes SAFE will rocket forward far quicker than any of us can imagine :blush:


@beermenow, @JPL, thank you! Going to delve into the links this weekend.


My hero :heart: :heart: :heart: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Hey there ! After a long time away from here, I’m trying to get into test 19, but I don’t manage to get the invite.

When I visit , all I get is an empty grey box, with a top blue line titled “choose testnet” - a bit like if there was no testnet alive . Could it be an issue with my firefox setup ?

Would a nice @moderators send me an invite directly ? ty :slight_smile:


I’m getting the same thing so I can’t generate a new code. It seems to be a bug. Perhaps @maidsafe could take a look?


Its working for me (linux/chrome) can you try doing a hard refresh (ctrl F5) perhaps?


To clarify I’m not getting a blank screen on testnet choice like @nice but when I try to update the IP it’s unresponsive. Windows + Firefox & Opera.



ctrl f5 just redraws the empty box for me.

This is firefox 42, fedora 21 x64 . ( ok, this is a bit old… )


Ok, give us a few minutes to check. If possible can you open dev tools and screenshot the console? No worries if that’s all Greek, we are checking now.


I had the exact same problem yesterday evening and just now. I can’t register the IP.


Here you go.


here’s mine


I see some noscript stuff here


Seems its a windows issue, some of the guys on HO just now to find out why. @Shankar & co will get to the bottom of it.