MaidSafe Dev Update - September 28, 2017


Totally agree with you.

Will keep this in mind as we go forward with the build pipeline improvements.


I just can’t wait till we have uTP support which will make running vaults easier.


Call me when Alpha 3 is out. About to be insane


how long before Alpha 3 is out?


Nobody knows. It depends on getting new things working that nobody has ever had working before, so it’s uncertain.

Keeping an eye on weekly dev updates is the best way of getting a feel for how things are progressing.


do you really have to read 180 topics before are able to get on the safe net


179 now …


how do you know how many your at sorry for the questions im just trying to learn


It’s 180 posts, or view 30 topics (not read the whole thing - just enter/view 30 topics):

Edit: it’s 180 posts and (not or) 30 topics, and spend 60 minutes reading (thanks @neo for correcting this).


oh or view 30 topis that’s not so bad thanks man


Yeah, I was just joking.:slightly_smiling_face: Should only take you an hour or so. It’s just a limit put in place to slow people down who might want to spam the network while it’s still in testing mode.


I hear you man, I just stumbled upon maidsafe, i use tor quite a bit and i just wanted to see if there was something better out there


It will be a lot more anonymous and secure than Tor when it’s finished as traffic is encrypted at every stage, IP addresses are anonymised after the first hop and traffic profiling will be impossible.


dude that is awesome, is there going to be any regulation to it or is it going to be free


it will be free to browse. safe coins will be needed to use voip or to store data.

People can earn safe coins by offering up their hard drive space (called farming).

anyone can correct me if i’m wrong.


You have to do all three. No “or”

start reading 30 topics AND read 180 posts AND spend 60 minutes reading the forum. In theory you could do this in 61 minutes.


Great update. Glad to see such a transparent project steadily moving ahead.


I believe it’s, HD space, bandwidth and CPU time.


You earn by retrieving chunks and the fastest to return (slowest element is network lag) the chunk gets an opportunity to get a coin. A coin is given on average 1 in 1/(farming rate) retrievals done. Thats it.

So the amount of HD spce, bandwidth and CPU time are only some of the factors in delivering the chunks. Other factors are the actual chunks you are given to store, lag time due to distance in XOR space from you to the requester, node age and some more


That makes sense, Thanks.