MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


Right i understand that, but what if the “perfect market” price is more than I’m willing to pay? Because how I understand it, its adjusted on the go, is there a settlement time?

I might be wrong but it just seems so arrogant to think that you can design a better system than the free market. Many people have tried and failed. I’d love to be proven wrong, again, I might need to read up more on this point.

One process is considered more wasteful than the other.

Yes but it says without wasting any resources. Should read, more efficient or less wasteful. Unless you wanna trigger the Bitcoin crowd. :slight_smile:

Edit: One more thing…

This statement has nothing to do with exchange markets but rather the price paid in safecoin for resources.

Does this mean that safecoins will not be tradeable outside the network?


I am a Basic User (is that the same as Trust Level 1?) struggling to find out how to create an account in the Safe Borwser. There are two options:

  1. Enter Account Secret and Account Password;
  2. Create account using and Invitation Token.

How do I get either of those and will I most likely need to create a new account for Alpha 3 and release?



To get an invite is answered in the update announcing the alpha 2 release

The invite link is

The secret/password is what you want to use and you set it when creating the account.

I suggest you read the update (the OP of this)

I have move this topic there since that is where it should be anyhow.


Yes, “basic user” == “trust level 1”

To create an account, in the Safe Browser, click on the “Claim an Invitation” button. Log into your forum account, select “Alpha 2”, and click on the “Set IP” button.

Then, copy the invite token and paste it in the SAFE Browser, and then you can continue and create an Account Secret/Password.


Thank you both very much. I knew that I had seen the link to but I had forgotten where I had seen it.


Can you point to a free market anywhere, that works and is not corrupt. I have searched but cannot find one.

Not at all :wink: They will be traded like any cryptocurrency really. If an exchange lists them then folk will more probably than trade them. We want them to be used in as many places as possible really. The value outside the network is not the same as inside. Inside the network just need to give these out until enough resource is there and then reduce that to maintain the resource. Outside the market then its where the humans work out the value of a tradeable asset.


Oops. I forgot to include that in the comment.

Arch linux


Free markets are only as corrupt as those who participate in them. “'Free-marketeers” are not interested in changing the behaviour of people, we realise that its a fools errand. But we also argue that people are rational and act in their self interest. “You want an apple I want a dollar, lets make a trade.” This is the essence of the free market, it exists in every transaction that doesn’t involve coercion.

I’m not here to argue economics and game theory but I think I understand maidsafes vision better than before. So thank you for that.

How is this decided, is there some kind of consensus mechanism on total supply and rate of issuance?


I will edit later when i come back to my House.


Did you read the safe coin whitepaper?


Yeah, long time ago, I should probably read it more thoroughly, thanks.


I also get the “Error: -11” intermittently. Seems like when I leave browser open for some time. Not sure if this has been officially reported as bug.


I downloaded the packages and now when I opened the SAFEbrowser, and tried to claim my invitation token, I’m asked to “sign in using my forum account…” But to where should I sign in? There is no place for login credentials in the window. And when I try to see “this topic” for information, it really doesn’t help me to find the token.

I’m on oldish Macbook pro running OSX Sierra 10.12.6


the image here shows everything that is visible for me on the site:

So no place to put any login credentials. I’m confused.


I have a bit of a criticism for the new site.

The section about “the ultimate smart contract” doesn’t quite make sense to me. The commonly understood definition of “smart contract” is a user-programmable set of rules for determining the flow of money or other assets.

Otherwise, the new site looks great to me.


If you click the circle it should work.


Not sure “user programmable” works in many cases. Its set by developers and tested. Wikipedia says “A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.”

In our case the contract the protocol provides is the purchase of resources at a rate calculated dynamically by the network and enforced by the vaults. i.e. contract is pay fairly (and cheaply) for services, smart part is the network protocol facilitates this. Its a core part of SAFE really.

If that makes sense anyway :smiley:


Yes, thanks! 20 char


I’m just worried that people who are familiar with cryptocurrency but not with SAFE will get the wrong impression. When most people in the cyptocurrency community hear “smart contract” they think Ethereum, so it’s possible that they will think of SAFE as an Ethereum competitor, which it’s not (at least, not initially).


Same for me, running on macOS Sierra.


I just created my first account in alpha 2! Authenticator worked perfectly. Simple to do. Great work. Very excited about the future of Safe! For other newbies like me, don’t forget to set your IP in the invite code window, otherwise you won’t be able to connect to Safe net.

I found this post, spread the word: