MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


What platform are you on @Grizmoblust?


fixed! safe:// is up again :wink:
This cost me only 2 minutes to publish the site (Amazing!!) and 129/1000 available puts!


Thanks for pointing it out. We did notice that too. @Shankar, will be able to get it resolved soon.


Love the new website. Forwarding it to people now.
Love the end to end secure mobile messaging tutorial- we are a stone’s throw away from a truly secure and independent WhatsApp type messaging service. WhatsApp is ‘free’ but you pay by letting zukerburg mess with you, won’t be long till what’s app is merged with Facebook messenger.

As stated in the other thread this morning, SAFE is a modest and underated project/coin. So much is coming our way. For now, stay underated let me and my mates accumulate some more coins. :wink:

Great to see a roadmap also, it’s a talking point. Something to mention when recommending the website.

Thanks for all you hard work.




Great job. The test is only for the forum maidesaifer’s what the difference before alpha 2 ? I tryed it. A few pages are available for instance or a miss something ?


Right now I just wrote an article in Steemit to announce the launch.


Good work @Toni_Marco

Appreciate your efforts :clap:

Just a thought for the forum, moving forward is it possibly a good idea to have these type of things vetted by say a mod here before it goes out there re spelling, grammar etc?

Not a knock on you @Toni_Marco at all just throwing the idea out there so we can vet what’s going out there in the public domain?

Happy to be shot down on this one though :slight_smile:

Edit: I felt bad asking this as I don’t want to discourage anyone from their efforts and am aware it kinda goes against what we’re all about, just thought it should be thrown out there :thinking:


Cannot publish web site. I’m using mac book. I tried to publish website using ‘use a template’ , but it doesn’t work.
Publish button doesn’t response.


That seems to be an issue ATM. However, you can try using the Start from scratch option to host your web files. This issue is being currently looked into.


Hoping there is a press release or two going out to spread the word further than to those who are actively watching.
If memory serves TechCrunch broke Alpha 1?
Makes sense to wait a little to be sure all is good I guess.


Spanish its my first language. How we can do that?


I am browsing around the SAFE browser. It looks great! :slight_smile:
Thank you all for your hard work.


Would be cool if there was an option to view the secret and password on mobile authenticator. Taking multiple attempts to correct my fat fingered typos.


I wonder if Autenticator will make people curious


Good job . Can I share them in my facebook. I can’t find the share button.


Yeah it’s a tough one mate, it’s kind of why I brought it up, not taking away from the effort, you did well :smile:



I can’t believe MaidSafe is ready.
Just hours after I was feeling down by the fact that I was out of account balance.


Hey Toni great article but it’s aTHenticator not aTenticator. Just wanted to pass that typo along. Keep em comin!


I found this paragraph from the page a bit disconcerting.

“Lowest possible price through a perfect market. No humans setting prices for network services, the network continually adjusts and sets prices at the lowest possible costs based on available resources and user demand.”

This sounds a lot like price fixing wrapped in a fancy algorithm. Or is it like a market with market orders only?

EDIT: And then there is this…

Safecoin. The mechanism that incentivises the provision of resources by the network, measuring and rewarding value without wasting any resources (no proof of work).

PoW doesnt waste resources. Those resources are used in Bitcoin to secure the network. Or in the case of websites its used to protect against DDOS.


Actually the opposite. The network does not do artificial price manipulation, but rather sets the prices according to the available space conditions. That is the price is set according to the network resources and not set by humans with the intent on manipulating the market for their gain and others losses.

So the price you pay for resources will be the minimum safecoin whereas if humans were setting the price for resources then greed would mean the price is as high as the “market” will bear.

This statement has nothing to do with exchange markets but rather the price paid in safecoin for resources.

When compared to the way safecoin works it is. SAFE secures the network and safecoin without the need for massives usage of resources. The resource difference is what is considered waste.

If one manufacturing process uses 10 tons of water (non-recycable) and 10 tons of raw materials that then is place in landfills after producing what it produces is then compared to another process that produces product but only requires one ton of water that is recycable and 1 ton of raw materials that can be reclaimed then how would you compare them? One process is considered more wasteful than the other.