MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


Yes, each new alpha should have just one version of safe_vault to run if you want to be a node (ie run a vault).

alpha 3 will release safe_vault with routing only

alpha 4 will release safe_vault with both storage and routing

This is only for alpha 3. Once past that, there will be no option (from my understanding) to do routing only.

Farming will happen after alpha 4 (again, just from my understanding, see the roadmap which says test safecoin comes after alpha 4).

Alpha 2 has only one way to interact with the network, ie as a client using the browser and authenticator.

From alpha 3 onward there will be two ways to interact. As a client like in alpha 2, or as a node by running a vault. The two ways of interacting are unrelated to each other. Users can choose to do one or the other or both.

To summarize:

  • Alpha 2: client mode only (using browser)
  • Alpha 3: client mode using browser and / or run a vault (can only do routing)
  • Alpha 4: client mode using browser and / or run a vault (can do routing and storage)
  • Alpha ?: client mode using browser and / or run a vault (can do routing and storage and farming)


Thanks for the clear explanation, maybe outlining the project roadmap from this angle might be worthy of a Shona video.


gotta say: the new website is super-sexy. some serious eye-candy - well done MaidSafe!


fixed a small invite issue, but on Windows, web-hosting-manager has serious problems and goes blank all the time. It’s so bad right now that I can’t even upload any of my sites. I was doing it one file at a time because hosting manager would “white-out” after every file uploaded, now it whites-out immediately, making windows completely useless for SAFE


visit again, it will be displayed here
EDIT you move too fast :wink:


INVITE PAGE BROKEN ON MAC, can’t even get to the “select Testate Alpha 2” part

hate having deadlines on alpha software… not going to end well today…


Android working for anyone?


Its working on my mac with firefox and safari.


Great news, I’m very excited to start building some test apps for maidsafe. Just need that trust level 1!!



Works for me - was as well able to create a messaging ld - just the connection is failing for me now - but need to get to work so no time to investigate :hushed:

(Android 6)


Congratulations for the results! However I have the same problem:

I am not sure about the expected results in the final network but it would be interesting if a password/pin/pattern/etc need to be introduced to authenticate apps, or if there is a “lock permissions” option that you can activate and deactivate. As it is now, if you have an app running and authenticated and someone else have access to the computer he can acces all your apps right?

Correct me if I am missing something relevant :smiley:


@Shona @Shankar, great looking website!! There are a couple of issues on mobile. The first is as you scroll with firefox and the address bar drops down or is swiped up. The second is the timeline appears out of whack.


Amazing! Cant wait to download and have a look around. 50% there!


Someone needs to sort the canonical tag in the homepage head, it’s showing {{ page.path }} as:
link rel=“canonical” href=“{{ page.path }}” /


Fantastic work everyone. It just works… professional installation and setup, nice graphics, great new website. For onboarding new users, might be able to do with some tooltip help to explain various steps such as ‘what is the secret versus password’ etc, but this is starting to look like the idiot-proof software it needs to be. Very impressed now.


Amazing job! Thank you @maidsafe for making this place a better place. Governments are starting to censor the internet and ppl are getting normalized to it. We need Maidsafe now more than ever. God speed.


Alpha 3 will not make it to release for us. It only proves a secure autonomous network. Not one for any purpose such as general data etc. It could be used for a pure messaging system, or a simple storage system and so on. We may put a thin layer on it to show something like that. We will be asking folk to hack, crack, break alpha3 and who knows perhaps offer rewards for that.

Alpha 4 is this with our layer for complex data types and communications (vaults) and this will run to release.


I volunteer for testing with outdated distros :smiley:


You’re on windows, right @whiteoutmashups?