MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


Awesome guys, congratulations with yet another big milestone. Website looking great as well :slight_smile: have a well deserved drink or two.


Great Job, Guys! :metal::metal::metal:


Yes, this is achieved with ‘mutable data’.


Thank you! I had assumed that was the case, but I haven’t read about mutuable data in quite some time now.


Absolutely love the new website update. Thousand times superior than predecessor.


One of the updates said Alpha 3 will work at the same time as Alpha 2 because they are testing different things. Alpha 4 will then integrate 2 and 3. Hope I got it right


My mail id is


please copy and paste that id since it is NOT ascii mav

ascii (incorrect id): mav
unicode (correct id): m𝖺v

To confirm, open dev tools (press F12) and paste into the dev console

ascii = "mav"; unicode = "m𝖺v"; ascii == unicode; // should be false

edit: The point I’m making is unicode is not safe for ids unless there’s something to indicate the difference bewteen ascii vs unicode ids.


Anybody here having problems with web hosting manager?

I authorized it through safe browser, and it is still pending…



I tried provoking it, then re-authorize it. It didn’t work. And I noticed every time you revoke it, and re-authorize it, the “account status” puts increases… 32/1000 already…

Oh and if you close down web hosting. Then re run it. you have to re-authorize it. Which cost 4 puts…


Alpha 3

enabling users to run routing nodes and providing secure transient data in the process

Alpha 4

reintroduction of user run vaults

What is the differentiation between a routing node and a vault?


My understanding is

routing nodes only pass messages to other vaults but do not store chunks

user run vaults store chunks and send messages


Ok, so if I understand that page right, mutable data is something that lives on vaults. Is this just the same scheme for file distribution but for data? If so, I recoginze a great deal of work went into this concept from the design to the implementation, but why was the original design unable to accomodate data?


I’m just excited about this as I am about alpha 2 and that’s saying something! Hope you guys and gals are going out for a round tonight. Cheers! :beers:


Thank you all for your work! Much appreciated!! :blossom:


So at release, we have 1 piece? of software installed because:

(1) We want to be a farmer (and in the background were also doing routing)
(2) We want to do just routing to support the network without reward (so we didn’t check a farming box)

Or maybe there’s 2 installers, 1 each for scenario

Since the authentication is now done in a browser, I’m a little hazy on the capabilities were describing/offering and how were presenting it to the participant.


Stoked with how intuitive everything is, brilliant especially mobile! hits the nail on the head, lots of great work all around!!


Haha, a ‘to do list’ is also the type of easy app I was working on a bit, although I wasn’t very far along (no SAFE integration). Perhaps once you get yours out, I could hook my UI onto the data created by your app as a proof of concept of how different apps can use the same data.


ayyyyyyeee I’m “like” #69 on the Alpha 2 post :smiley:

I think I’ll be permanently going down in history for that.

CONGRATS TEAM!!! @maidsafe saving the world. It’s our only hoooppe


How does the download link work on the website? Because I don’t think the browser link on the updated is downloading the browser from Github. @viv DL link takes 35min to download, takes 1min30sec if I go to GH and download instead.

This might want to be fixed, as to not turn people off from Alpha 2. Web-hosting-manager seems to download quickly enough though, from the maidsafe website tho :slight_smile:


Wow the site is amazing! Great job @Shankar and @Shona! Honestly it has an element of hype (in a good way) that will help stand to compete in this hype crazed space. A frustrating truth, I know. Most of all the use of The worlds first autonomous network as a differentiator, we saw this develop in Davids blogs recently but I can’t stress how great it is to see that up front and calling out blockchain storage projects. It’s all brilliant. Glad to see maidsafe showing some leg and teeth :smile: plus mobile! Still a lot to accomplish but this will help garner the attention this project deserves


web-hosting-manager program goes blank very very often when using.

Just giant white screen. Requires software restart every time to fix.

Very common issue with current hosting manager software

currently making it extremely hard to make any progress on Alpha 2