MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


Great update well done @maidsafe ,
I have listy.test uploaded if anyone wants to give it a test, chaty will take a bit longer as I am in the middle of rewriting some of its code.


everything fine here on android 7, but still that weird URI scheme issue on linux. I’ll try to update my fedora asap and see if it changes. cheers from here !


Anyone having issues with the web hosting app. I try and make a template website and change the text to what I wont but nothing happens when I hit publish…


All working perfectly for me.

Really great stuff guys!!! Well done.




Congrats everyone! Everything is running so smooth so far…

Email ID:


Same here, but publishing via files/folder works great. GUI seems very polished and friendly. Awesome.


yes the from scratch option works for me but not the template…?


13 months, and 5 days, alpha 2 is released. Nice job team!

Will this alpha 2 keep running until alpha 3?


I’d like to think of disabled template publishing as a feature. Long live Alpha 2, looking forward to all the stuff to come. Closer to Beta than ever :smiley:


I visited listy.test and filled in the form for my own simple test site safe://biblio.hlmencken. I assumed that this would add my site’s address to a public list. Is that correct and if so how do I view the entire list?

In any case, it looks like you got a terrific tool in the works here. For each prior iteration of the test network since ~Test 9 I’ve wished there was an easy automated way to see a list of the sites that others had put up. Looks like you’ve got it implemented in superb fashion!


Your site should be added if you try again.

You should see a list of all user sumbited websites to listy, right now it currently stands at one (listy itself)


Anyone else getting

Error: -11

Core error: Routing interface error -> EventSenderError(EventSubset(“SendError(…)”))

When viewing sites?


Was said somewhere they will run concurrently.


Also, where is the private storage access? I can’t find how to upload to a private directory in the web hosting manager.


Great, thanks!! Total now stands at 4.


Here a video to test with: safe://optomoon.draw. Also on safe://listy.test/. Tomorrow I’ll try to finish a ‘todo’-list safe site.


Everything loads so FAST! I remember the first testnets, things used to take a lot longer to load. Now this is like lightning.


So I take it we have dynamic content available to us now, right? I remember in the past lack of database access meant static pages only. But that limitation seems to have been superseded yes?


Congrats/Thank you Maidsafe devs for delivering Alpha 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Another big milestone on this journey to bring: Secure Access For Everyone

Good God super ants we’re really getting there


Can’t publish the template website. Everything else seems to work.