MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


Google Play supports Beta testing with access to only those who you permission. But I do agree, may be a bit early for this.


This is great news, been waiting years for this!


Do you know how many users in total on the safe forum? Would be neat to know how many we are.


Going to will give you the site stats and anybody can view this page.


Go to, Settings -> Security-> enable Unknown Sources.

This will allow you to install application on your Android device.


Almost 5000 now. Picking up between 10 and 30 new users a day.


That’s the thing: this menu is greyed on my mobile. Too bad, I will just wait for the release.


That is one of the aspects of SAFE I am hanging out for!


cool pic @nicklambert @Krishna_Kumar !!
Edit: ahh I think I spot @dirvine too


Good eyes, I am doing my usual SAS “no photos” routine :smiley:


I get it, both camera and/or AK47 elicit similar response when pointed in my general direction :grin:


Dunno what you’re talking about. I can’t see him anywheremdsf2


sweet now if only they could make some sort of maidsafe chat well there working on a safe wallet as far as i know at the moment


Hi. My download speed from GitHub Alpha2 release page is about 45kB/s. I ran a speed test and my network could do at least 10x faster. Has anybody else experienced slow downloads from GitHub?


Peering link issue? Try ping -c3 I can’t suggest a solution it there is an intermediate.


Just a few issues:

Anyone know what that is? When trying to access a site I just made, on Windows
Also, linux web hoster isn’t working, hangs at trying to get access (after its been authorized).

I’ll find my own workarounds, just sharing so they can be addressed.


Just got Alpha 2 up and running on my Mac. Feel free to email me @ betterthantrav


Who is trav and why are you so much better? :stuck_out_tongue:


My brother and isn’t obvious.


eager to test SAFE Browser v0.10.1 …:blush: