MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


Oh, I know why the SAFE project was created. That has not really been the subject of the prior discussions and has very little to do with the vault/safecoin dynamics. Once the network is on its own, most people using it will not share the same altruistic motives of the creators. The network depends on the profit-motive to sustain itself I believe and that should not be viewed as something ugly or dirty.


And it isn’t

This explains why you considered having more (too many) vaults as being inefficient, but of course the network will be more efficient even though the profit stream isn’t more efficient. For you the trick would be to keep your vault going because the ones who don’t like the profit they are getting will turn off their vaults and you will be ready to get the increased returns when that happens. Also the passive vaults will eventually disconnect since the owners will power off at some time.

But honestly the cost of storage is more important than the profit. As the cost of storage goes up the less that will be stored and thus the less that can be “GET”, resulting in less potential future earnings.

The ones who feel they are not getting enough earnings will disconnect thus increasing earnings for those remaining.

You also know that the network is only paying for resources used and is not like actual crypto projects which are designed to profit people. SAFE is not a crypto project and is not designed to make people rich. Its designed to provide storage and safecoin is an instrument to help it to pay for the resources that people provide, and not for people to profit. Since its designed to use spare resources that people have the earnings are not expected to be all that high anyhow since its compensating for a tiny extra electricity used (for many people).


I have to beg to differ with you here. Maybe I have missed something in my readings about the network and I know you have much more experience and in-depth knowledge of MAID but it seems to me that the neediest of the population that SAFE hopes to attract will want the monetary benefits of running vaults to be more than a small amount of compensation. If it doesn’t I don’t see how the altruistic goals of the project will be realized. Again, I might be missing something here.


The really poor of the world care more about something that helps them feed their families than they do about safely storing their data. If SAFE cannot help them with this I’m afraid they will have no interest.


Shouldn’t this conversation move to another thread. It’s got little to do with Alpha 2


You are so right. How did we get started?


I can not connect via SAFE Browser to Alpha 2, I get the error: “Core Error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network”

I completed my invitation and downloaded SAFE Browser, v.0.6.0, Web Hosting Manager v0.4.0 and SAFE Mail Tutorial v.0.4.0 from GitHub for MAC OS

I clicked on SET IP and it will not let me in either :disappointed_relieved:

Anyone know how to make it work, should you set something up?


What happens when you click on set ip?


I’m having the same issue at the moment. I was able to log in yesterday.

edit: now it works again


I cannot log in at all even thought my info was correct. Can I recreate with a new IP?


Yes, you can always update the IP when you switch to another network


Well done! Very good!!


I’ve been following the safe network development for a while now. If I’ve well understood it, I believe it will really change the internet and the world. Or would I say «save the world»?
If that’s so the team deserve more than thumbs up or congrats. You are Saints!


From what I hear donations of beer are happily accepted by the team if you really wanna say thanks :wink:


Great! I Hope i’ll be TIER1 soon :slight_smile:


You’ll get there :slight_smile:


Help. I tried create account using using mobile but encountered error:

Create Acct Failed: Error Code: -2000.
Description: Core error: Unexpected: Count not connect to the SAFE Network

Do I need to set Registered IP?


Yes, every time you use a new IP address


Did you find out the reason?


Great job! the only question is why to set the limit.