MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2


Ok the UX of the web hosting manager needs work. I uploaded a site. Not only did the site not load (and I’m not entirely sure why) but also I can’t seem to navigate back to the home page of the hosting manager or in anyway view the files I just uploaded in order to attempt to fix it!


Error: -301
NFS error: File not found

That’s all I seem to get if I go to my site.

Okay cancel previous problem. New problem. How do you select and move files. I distinctly remember one could do that with the old manager. We’re going to burn through PUTs like crazy if we’re having to reupload things every time.


That’s a stumble that I had too - there’s not an option atm to [upload site]. So, likely you have uploaded a folder, which has become a subfolder… and that I think is drawing on past experience. You need to [upload files] into the top level of the service - though on linux at least that will only upload one file on the first pass and only on the second allow multiple. So, the idea is atm upload the files=[index.html etc] with [upload files] and use [upload folder] only for the site’s sub folders. Hope that makes sense.


Yes but isn’t there a move files option like there was previously?


I don’t remember that as ‘move’… there was and is “remapping” but I couldn’t get it to work yesterday.


Sorry for the delay, I just updated and with links that point to Alpha 2 :slightly_smiling_face:


Then like any market you are free not to pay it. Go and buy a disk for your computer if SAFE’s price is too high… Its your choice, but the network must charge something when you buy resources, and it cannot play favorites or undercut itself, otherwise the network dies.

No, you get the current rate at the time you “PUT” your data. Its not a bank or business with payment plans.

At least the greed of man has been removed. All so called free markets are set up to benefit someone above others and at worse for someone to skim off the profits. The network has no one to benefit and no one is taking profits. One person pays the network and the network pays for resources used, no profits kept aside.

NO it meant that the statements pertained to the way the network charges for resources.

The outside market is its own problem and that problem is for humans and not the network.

Many try to conflate the statements about the network buys/sells resources (market) with how safecoin will work on the exchanges and other (human) markets. They are 2 different things and there maybe at times effects of resource cost/payments affecting the human markets.

EDIT: I replied before I realised others answered you.


I downloaded SAFE BROWSER, SAFE MAIL and the Web Hosting Manager. I registered and went thought the authentication process with all the apps. On the Safe Browser I played around, and went to some different sites. On SAFE MAIL I registered an email name. On the Web-Hosting-Manager, I made some Public IDs, and tried to publish websites. However on “use template” and “choose existing” I still cant publish. On “start from scratch” it allows me to click on the “publish” button, but it then brings me to Error: -301 NFS error: File not found. I know that these are bugs and will be fixed. I want to know if there is anything else I can do as part of testing the update?


This is fantastic, im still working on getting my trust level up, but i have downloaded the authenticator, looking forward to getting into it now!
Thank you Dev team! Your hard work is admirable.


I dindnt need to have the trust level 1- just go to:


You though, do have trust level 1 (basic user badge) :smile:


ah ok sorry :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: well there ye go, hyping me up and bursting my bubble in seconds… on i go on my journey to Trust level 1! Wish me luck!


@dirvine - just a quick question if I may ask you. Do you expect the alpha 3 release to be launched soon? By soon I mean at latest in the begining of November (so probably synced with the online marketing) r maybe even sooner?. Thanks in advance!


Yes, but I wont/can’t say if soon is relative to quantum or cosmic time :smiley: We never release timelines for the team to find and resolve every bug and design issue. We found it to be extremely counter productive :wink: Best to watch updates weekly and see what testnets bring along the way.


I just downloaded the browser and I got a nostalgic feeling like when I was writing my first geocities website in html. Great stuff.


Superb, great to hear. My hope is that as people start to see this can do all of that and realise its a good start will also see that this underlying infrastructure does some powerful things and importantly democratised and truly decentralised. Then creating global applications super cheaply from any bedroom, mud hut or corporate office you can compete with the most rich well funded projects on the planet.

Then the realisation that this all comes with mechanisms to securely, without infrastructure cost and without ownership allow humans and machines to share valuable information about health, innovation, research etc. without needing to take your personal info in payment, will reap huge rewards. So now we can think of sharing information as sharing intelligence, not sharing people. When we share intelligence we can do great things.

Then realising this creates a network, unlike skynet, where there is a natural symbiotic relationship between humans and machines. The machines do protect and share our information, but they need us to interact with them to do so. So a perfect symbiosis, not the rise of the machine or dominance of man. I like to think this supplementing of our capability of humans is much more natural, no matter how far it eventually goes. Doing it like this (SAFE) means though we can make smaller easier choices for this coming together, so its not a binary, all or nothing like people are seeing with AI and the fears there.

Also realising this means we can add AI on a truly global scale, but one that requires this symbiosis.:wink:


We’re making new records when it comes to new forum users :+1:.


FIX for 'Registered IP : Not Set ’ seems when I request token for Alpha 2 it shows my ‘Registered IP : Not Set’. ‘Set IP’ is greyed out so I get ‘code error: could not connect to safe network’ error.

To set your IP and resolve the issue I found that selecting Testnet 19 first thru the invitation where the Set IP is in blue and does work, then unblocks same button on Testnet Alpha 2 letting you set your IP and authenticate without error.



There is actually a free market in operation, just not directly between buys and sellers.

The sellers/farmers offer their storage and the network offers a payment amount for this. If it is too small, the farmer withdraws resources. If it is high enough, the farmer provides resources and is paid for use.

The network offers storage and the buyers/users decide whether to pay for it. If it is too high, they will store it outside of the network. If it is low enough, they will pay the network to store it.

The network acts as an autonomous broker here. It is pricing based on storage availability, which is derived from supply vs demand for storage.