MaidSafe Dev Update - September 14, 2017

I know how hard it is to get a product out the door, and I appreciate the work that goes in to it. My comment questioning the release for alpha 3 was more to be taken tongue in cheek :slight_smile:


On a scale of 1 to Red Kola, you guys are Irn Bru. Awesome work!


Thanks a lot for this information. :bulb: I didn’t know about the ‘invisible’ services, I just assumed the authenticator couldn’t count! What is the reason for limiting the number of apps to 4 by the way? What sort of extra pressure would be put on the testnet if it were increased to 5 or 6?


Very helpful indeed Gabriel, both for development - I can now deny the browser and keep Web Hosting Manager open instead - because a Web App consumes two connections: one to get site, another by using the DOM! :slight_smile: … and for the greater understanding of how this works, which is very valuable too.

Great work team, and talking to everyone working hard at MaidSafe, you all deserve a medal for getting to alpha2 - which is set to be incredibly slick and robust for an early alpha, and of great interest and value to everyone from potential and active developers, early adopters, journalists, visionaries you name 'em!

I hope you are all well and if you need a break will feel that it is well deserved and OK to take one - because I think people are more productive if they take breaks and don’t work long and hard for significant periods unless absolutely necessary. Each of us is different of course, so it’s important to learn how you personally function at your own best and not try too hard to work like, or be a productive as, somebody else.

Good luck everyone, and thank you. I have lots to play with so I’m a very happy being :wink:


I would prefer @Viv, or @ustulation maybe, to explain how to do the math here since I’m not certain about this.


Thanks @bochaco for your detailed explanation and the trick with disabling the browser app! I know the limit is currently important to prevent spamming attacks. Question is really if it has to be so strict. I think even the suggested small increase to 5 or 6 connections would be helpful for development / testing.


Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this! It’s truly amazing to watch safenet progress. :grinning:

I am having some difficulty downloading the safe browser. It always fails. I am behind a pretty slow connection. Downloading it is estimated to take 30min. Could it be that github resets the connection when it takes too long?


@Avi I’ve had this same problem on OS X if I just do one download at a time and don’t navigate anywhere while watching progress it should finish fine.

Looking forward to the 21/09/2017 update, you’ve really set expectations high…

“Hey guys, here’s the Alpha 2 Release!
Oh… and by the way while we were at it… we cured cancer and solved world hunger… plus we’ve got Kim Jong Un to promise to stop being such a bell-end”.

Just another week in Troon.


David. Thank you and your team. I concur with your statement!


Great to see mobile already being worked on. I’m someone who still prefers to use mainly desktop computers, but in today’s market supporting mobile makes a project much more likely to take off.

mmm, I am getting an error when trying to authenticate applications to the 0.5.2 ( and 0.5.1 ) browser.

When I click ‘allow’, the browser opens a popup , complaining for a file too long , and stops there :


this is on linux x64 fedora 21, it works fine on android, though.

Every single time I open it, I have to repeat the “secret” and “password” and click “log in”. This is baffling; why isn’t that stored on the computer like a “wallet.dat” of private key(s)?

In fact, why does it make you create an “account” at all? What’s the point of the “secret” and “password” being something that the user actually types in? Why isn’t it created automatically the first time you start it?

You need to log in to your account because it holds everything you have stored. Your files, your keys for access and will also hold the wallets that hold the addresses to your SAFEcoin.

What you ask for is to open your account to everyone to access who can gain access to that computer phone or whatever you use to access your SAFE account.

The reason it needs creating is that you will have to pay the tiny amount of SAFEcoin to create it when SAFEcoin is implemented. This prevents account spamming and is in line with paying for your storage on SAFE. Your account details are stored on safe and the credentials form the key & address of/for that encrypted information.

If one was to be just browsing safesites then that persona does not need an account and so no need to log in if you plan to just browse safesites or use APPs that do not require you to store data on the network.


I agree it’s not an ideal solution for the long term, but I think it works well for the stage that SAFE is at now.

If it is auto generated, it would be difficult to remember the secret and password.

Personally I would prefer a hardware wallet that generates this stuff and that I’d just keep plugged into the computer whenever I want to be logged in.

There’s lots of options that could be explored here and I think it has to become more user friendly eventually, perhaps letting you log in with a pin code that would unlock your secret and password without you having to type it in or something like that.


I would definitely be in the first wave of people buying these when someone makes them too. I love Trezor and the peace of mind it gives me. SAFE is more about utility than store-of-value, but the two things are linked and SafeCoin will inevitably become quite valuable so we’ll need hardware solutions. The demand will be there so the market will make it imo. Can’t wait! If anyone wants to start making them I’d pre-order or invest. Any takers? @faddat? :crazy_face:



SAFE went mobile,wow…couldnt have asked for a better surprise.:heart_eyes::smiley:

Excuse me while I do a happy dance and praise the Maidsafe team. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work!


Just curious (and this might be off topic), but how hard would it be for Trezor to add support for MAID? From a tech perspective is the underlying technology that different from already supported currencies? Or is it that a critical mass of demand needs to be reached first? I think I read somewhere that Trevor did a hack-a-thon somewhat recently and support for MAID was a contender.

Will it possible to run vaults from mobile ?

Since it’s a holder token I’d guess not. Seems like it would be a waste of effort if the conversion to SafeCoin happened next year.

Who knows though. I wish they would. I would certainly use it if they did.

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