MaidSafe Dev Update - September 14, 2017

What if my isp uses dynamic ip addresses?

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Even a dynamic IP address will last for some time. Just use the invitation website to update the IP when it changes.

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@markwylde These limits must remain in place through the next couple of alphas at least, until the network self protect measures are all in place. That’s what MaidSafe are working on: data chains and then test SafeCoin etc EDIT: but the PUT limit was already raised, now 1,000 [corrected]

What an awesome update Maidsafe, thank you very much for your amazing stamina, determination, and creativity. I missed the update last night, went to bed just before it from the looks of things which at least meant I slept well :slight_smile:

My phone is ancient but I’m hoping my tablet will let me play. @MaidSafe, might you support earlier versions of android at any point, or is 5 [edited] a definite baseline?

I have some tweets to put out today… Alpha2 coming and mobile demos arrive in one update! Very sneaky :laughing:



Anyone having problems to connect? My IP matches, but I can’t seem to get past the registration part.

I think there’s a problem with the invite server

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5.0 is the base line @happybeing but I think it also depends on the chipset used by the manufacturer. One of team was running 6.0 with an older phone, using ARM, and we weren’t able to get the Authenticator running.


Hey @maidsafe,

nice work! It needs to be on as many platforms as possible!

Is there some read why you have chosen xamarian over other solutions apart to have a



Xamarin Mobile app. Does that mean there’s now a .NET SDK that could be used for non-mobile apps also?

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Nope. There’s no detached .NET SDK for Mobile either. they’re all just bundled in the project PCLs. Extracting the extern definitions and the corresponding delegates would be needed to interact with corresponding desktop native libs.


Incidentally, I put on my new t-shirt for the first time today. And now I read this all dressed in blue! :slight_smile:


Huge news. Wow.
Mobile applications, and alpha 2 on the way.

Mobile applications are going to help the network, people love apps.


Nothing too specific. Quite close to C/C++ so interfacing with Reverse callbacks and general native interop bit easier. async pattern lot more easier to work with wrapping native and exposing managed layers. Ability to drop down to native tech if required(luckily didnt have to in many places) quite a few bootstrapping samples to extract requirements from and past familiarity of the same since we’ve used it in 2013 or so and wasnt totally new.

The entire exercise was two people working evenings on this for a fortnight so whichever toolset let us get to testing soon and be reliable to iterate with in that timeframe seemed like a decent option to confirm the network compatibility.


How about final release? You will release on both platforms like mobile and pc or first you will release on pc?

Yeh looks like the scp is acting up again :frowning: @Shankar is taking a look at it now, while it seems to sort itself out in a few hours, he’s trying to see whats causing these timeouts in the first place to try and prevent it from occurring. we’ll let you guys know once it is patched. There might be a few intermittent invite server restarts while this is going on


Mobile (android / ios) will become a tier 1 OS for us, but this is a snippet to show mobile is A OK with SAFE. Next steps will be to give out an API etc. that will take a while but at least now we all know its entirely possible and not vapourware. It all helps.


Epic news! Congrats @maidsafe team on this milestone!

My message id is: mindphreaker Feel free to send me a message to my phone! :smiley:


Wow, I am very impressed by your commitment to the community. Getting answers that quick is not very usual :heart_eyes:!

Thats more impressive tough.



Great update @maidsafe! Very cool we’re seeing Alpha 2 next week. The weird freeze in the browser seems to be gone/less frequent. Here are 2 ideas to consider about the apps/browser:

  • When I log in the Authenticator says: “Authorized apps” and shows 3 of them even while I never Authorized them before. I also have to re-Authenticate them whenever I start the browser again. It feels like a bit too much. Maybe if you allowed them 1 time allow them forever? This is how it’s done with Apps on mobile. You give an App permission to use your camera and the permission is there until you remove it.
  • I tested the mobile version on Android and it’s quite cool. Could connect but not use the email app yet. What I noticed is that you need to re login every time you use it. Maybe an idea to log in once and give the option to re-Authenticate using the fingerprint or something? My bank application does exactly that, I need to log in once a week and for the rest i can get in fast using the fingerprint.

I know the mobile apps are in a very early stage, but maybe something to think about.

EDIT: A sorry, missed this one. It’s already possible.



Invite server looks good now. The issue was, we were using a deprecated API. I fixed that and have restarted the server.

cc: @JPL


Thanks Nick, have corrected my post. My mobile is too old (Android 4.4) but I like it still so likely to creak along with that for a while yet. My tablet is 5.1 (cheap Acer) but also doesn’t work, so maybe I’ll update that before my phone. I get that by beta this is going to be a reducing issue (older devices).

Supporting Android 5 already covers 76.8% of users world wide according to my mental arithmetic (source) but obviously that varies a lot geographically - depending on when most people bought their phones and how quickly they upgrade to newer ones.

Not wanting to distract though: demoing mobile support is a massive leap and a very exciting development. Well done, and I second the :clap: for the messaging app icon, its great to have it on my phone even if I can’t use it yet! :slight_smile: