MaidSafe Dev Update - September 14, 2017

Epic news! Congrats @maidsafe team on this milestone!

My message id is: mindphreaker Feel free to send me a message to my phone! :smiley:


Wow, I am very impressed by your commitment to the community. Getting answers that quick is not very usual :heart_eyes:!

Thats more impressive tough.



Great update @maidsafe! Very cool we’re seeing Alpha 2 next week. The weird freeze in the browser seems to be gone/less frequent. Here are 2 ideas to consider about the apps/browser:

  • When I log in the Authenticator says: “Authorized apps” and shows 3 of them even while I never Authorized them before. I also have to re-Authenticate them whenever I start the browser again. It feels like a bit too much. Maybe if you allowed them 1 time allow them forever? This is how it’s done with Apps on mobile. You give an App permission to use your camera and the permission is there until you remove it.
  • I tested the mobile version on Android and it’s quite cool. Could connect but not use the email app yet. What I noticed is that you need to re login every time you use it. Maybe an idea to log in once and give the option to re-Authenticate using the fingerprint or something? My bank application does exactly that, I need to log in once a week and for the rest i can get in fast using the fingerprint.

I know the mobile apps are in a very early stage, but maybe something to think about.

EDIT: A sorry, missed this one. It’s already possible.



Invite server looks good now. The issue was, we were using a deprecated API. I fixed that and have restarted the server.

cc: @JPL


Thanks Nick, have corrected my post. My mobile is too old (Android 4.4) but I like it still so likely to creak along with that for a while yet. My tablet is 5.1 (cheap Acer) but also doesn’t work, so maybe I’ll update that before my phone. I get that by beta this is going to be a reducing issue (older devices).

Supporting Android 5 already covers 76.8% of users world wide according to my mental arithmetic (source) but obviously that varies a lot geographically - depending on when most people bought their phones and how quickly they upgrade to newer ones.

Not wanting to distract though: demoing mobile support is a massive leap and a very exciting development. Well done, and I second the :clap: for the messaging app icon, its great to have it on my phone even if I can’t use it yet! :slight_smile:


I want to add that the bug that was blocking me and some others has been fixed in the update of SAFE Browser to 0.5.2, for example, @Joseph_Meagher’s chaty, listy, viddy etc apps should be working much better now I think, but I’ve not tried them because… my code is now able to authorise with SAFEnetwork and I’m working on my own demo which I would like to have ready for Alpha2!!! :slight_smile:

Ooops, almost forgot, big thanks to MaidSafe team for fixing these issues so fast and helping me and others over the early issues.

EDIT: Also, thanks for updating the API docs so they are formatted better :+1:


Hm, really strange. For me it’s the opposite. Since the new binaries I cant authorise web apps anymore. I always geht the well known “Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unexpected (probably a logic error): Could not connect to the SAFE Network” error message. Have tried my own app as well as others (Listy, Chaty etc.). Tried to close the browser, waited some minutes etc. Tested on Win10. Webhosting manager is working fine.

EDIT: Was re-testing it again while writing this and now it magically just worked. However I’m left with the feeling that this issue isn’t fully resolved yet. :confused: Does this limit really has to be so strict?


I just got this error too - on connect after successful authorise I think - still looking.

This may be due to the app having maxed out the connections, so not necessarily the same error I had before. EDIT: yes, seems so because shutting down web hosting manager allows me to get a connection. So maybe you have the same issue - too many things using too many connections?

For development we really need mock working to get the app code mostly debugged offline first, but AFAIK there still a blocker there due to a bug in electron :frowning:

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I think Xamarin includes emulators, so we should be able to play with it and develop that way too.


Listy and Chaty should be working. There is small bug with the browser but I think will be fixed soon that prevents Vidy and Demoy working.


To quote the venerable Zeno-sama(s): “Wow!” “Wow wow!”

Awesome update guys! Alpha 2 next week? Pumped. I’m going to have to come out of my cocoon and start playing with this bad boy. So as I understand it, Vaults are disabled for now, right?


Today a certain coin stands out in green from the rest in red. :wink: Not only was it good news yesterday from the update but when almost the whole cryptomarket is red, maidsafe will draw atention from the public, youtubers and the crypto media by standing out in green. Excellent marketing. :slight_smile:


Yes that’s right, network is provided by vaults managed by MaidSafe at the moment. Alpha 3 will see users running routing nodes (transient data) while alpha 4 will incorporate a storage layer, and at that point we will see user run vaults. I hope that makes sense.


Windows users:

Please let us know if you experience browser hanging or freezing.

When it occurs, take note of the time for the sake of viewing logs and also which site you were browsing at the time.

All of your reporting has been integral to helping us track down bugs.

Thank you so much.
Special shout out to @JPL, @Joseph_Meagher, and @happybeing

If you choose to report on Github, here’s an existing thread:


Excellent news! Thank you for the timely reply and the info on upcoming changes.


So the new question is, when is Alpha 3 being released? :wink:


Yeah It’s very interesting if we will see Alpha 3 before New Year :slight_smile:

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Never a moment for a breath around these here parts :slight_smile: In any case anyone can speculate :wink: We just keep doing what we do, not much could speed us up, but lots of pressure will slow the team down. Its worth realising that really. Pressure is OK if you can reap a small reward every so often, but if all that happens is you get another lash on the back to keep moving then it can demotivate.

So positive pressure == great, negative == slow and bad results :D. Our team don’t bother about trading or coin value past checking we are still relevant in early adopters eyes, but they do check this forum and every so often they do get depressed looking. It may be on those individuals, but if you worked solid for several weeks not sleeping then perhaps a wee break for a few hours to sleep with good thoughts would be nice.

However, for me I know that will not be the case and I expect constant criticism and pressure, I am OK at handling it though. I just wanted to point out that some comments can be self fulfilling prophecies. I know you have not been critical here, but sometimes it may be best to say thanks and wait a few hours before pressure is reapplied :smiley: :smiley:


I missed the announcement last night as bed called. Very nice to see great progress. Especially the wee mobile app surprise! Well done team! :slight_smile:


Keep on Truckin’

Keep on Truckin