MaidSafe Dev Update - September 14, 2017


Cheers for spotting that. It certainly was wrong and should now be corrected. Thanks :+1:


Still 504 for me :frowning_face: … now fixed, thanks to Krishna :slight_smile:


Seems to be resolved. Thanks @happybeing, for quickly jumping into a HO to confirm the same. We are still keeping this as a point to improve on the server and will get this patched asap.


@fergish I hope you break from the Safe Crossroads sabbatical for this!! :grinning:


Hi all, there’s a way to get an invitation? Where’s the place to get one?


Hi @Kijote - you need to be a Trust Level 1 member of this forum to get an invite.

You can get to Trust Level 1 by…

entering at least 30 topics
reading at least 180 posts
spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts


@JPL My trust level is “basic user”, I think it’s “Trust Level 1”. If it’s not true, please explain me how to achieve that level and where’s the place I can get an invitation…


You can claim an invite code from this site . Just copy and paste it into the authenticator (browser) when asked.


Way is an authenticator? How do I get to it. I have copy it but dunno where to paste it. Please send me the link if any. Sorry I am a dummy on this. :wink:


Download and extract the SAFE Browser package which has the authenticator bundled with it (see the original post in this thread). The authenticator allows you to connect to the network. When you run the browser you’ll be asked to set up an account. During that process you will need to paste in the invite code.


I’m pretty sure that can be arranged! Thanks for the nudge.


Thank you very much for your assistant and guidance.


Such a complex product with simple user interaction. This is going to be huge.


sept 21, alpha 2 coming tomorrow!!!


One of the only times I’m annoyed at being down under, we get there early but just have to wait until the parents wake up to open the Christmas presents :santa:
Could be worse eh em @David_MacGregor :wink:



We got the alpha2 coming tomorrow. :slight_smile: cheers!

check it out here


Whoop whoop whoop can’t wait


Same! I usually just go to bed on a Thursday excited to wake up to news on Friday morning over my coffee. :tada::tada:


@Krishna_Kumar its failing starting about five mins ago - been fine since last fix.


Can you please try now, @happybeing?