MaidSafe Dev Update - October 4, 2016 – TEST 10

@Nigel, can you please confirm whether you are using the safe_browser version 0.2.11? The tutorial sample is compatible only with the latest version of the safe_browser.

@Krishna_Kumar I had the same symptoms, but eventually (15mins?) the plugin loaded, do I think it is just taking a long time if there’s a bit too much going on.

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I’m sorry for my obsession with publicID’s, but this latest update is another nail in the coffin of the clearnet/blockchain tech.

PublicID’s are now like the gTLD’s on the clearnet. Why this is HUGE? because gTLD’s on the clearnet cost a lot ($185,000) and a lot of TIME.

Another reason why this is HUGE, is the unchangeable gTLD bit with blockchain tech. A good example is Namecoin, every Namecoin address can only end with .bit. Although Namecoin domains are supercheap and basically owned for a set time, big companies didn’t give a bit about their .bit domainnames.

This is what I really love about the SAFE Network project, code is constantly changing and every time it does it brings more value (freedom). Don’t get me wrong, but it’s good to see “.safenet” dissapear, this way people don’t get an false impression that the SAFE Network has another static gTLD format/domain system.

I have to agree, when unicode is enabled, we’re saying everybody who thinks the clearnet is still the way to go “Hey we have a domainname system that enables every name imaginable and a lifetime ownership cheers”. :kissing_heart:

Thanks again Maidsafe team for all your highly impressive hard work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad joke: “While the rest of the internet is looking at Google Pixel, we are witnessing the BIG PICTURE”


Hey @Krishna_Kumar I’ll confirm that tonight although I’m quite certain you’re correct as I had another beaker browser version from a previous download and thought I deleted one with lower version number. Should clear it up, thank you!

It did show it as loading so perhaps same problem as @happybeing. I’ll find out tonight

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So what would be the absolute simplest way of having a blank html with a button that calls auth on click?

Tried a couple of different approaches but cant seem to get it. I am punching well above my weight in knowledge on just this kind of basics though, so it’s not very surprising im failing.

Edit: in my mind something like this should suffice, but I am clearly way off :stuck_out_tongue:

this.hostName = hostName =$/g, ‘’);
this.LOCAL_STORAGE_TOKEN_KEY = SAFE_TOKEN_${this.hostName}; = {
id: ‘’,
version: ‘0.1.0’,
vendor: ‘maidsafe’,
permissions: [

var authoriseApp() {
this.log(‘Authorising application’);
window.safeAuth.authorise(, this.LOCAL_STORAGE_TOKEN_KEY)

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@aenemic Chris, @whiteoutmashups is your man:


I believe unicode support is going to be an absolute circus. Maybe i am just old fashioned, i hope i am proven wrong. But working with numerous characters that are visually indistinguishable without really studying the pixels, and not being bound to keys on the keyboard, is going to be a pain.

More like @DavidMtl is the man!

But I knew that there would be a desire for this :slight_smile:

Baby steps!!

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It would be daft for people to use characters which weren’t obvious, unless they intentionally wanted to confuse people.

I would have thought the main benefit would be supporting non-Latin languages (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc).

Many Russian characters can be non-obvious (although that probably depends on the font) - compare a, e, y, o, c, p, x with а, е, у, о, с, р, х (and yes, those are different unicode characters) :wink:


but you would also expect that ICANN and W3C etc have a sensible route to resolving those confusions, that could be adopted. I thought that unicode urls were in the works a few years back, so would expect that there has been some progress since.

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This is amazing progress. You guys have incredible momentum right now. Can’t wait to see messaging come through then the ultimate SAFECOIN see roadmap for more info It is really an entirely new internet.


Haven’t seen Wayne in a while! Glad to know name SAFErs still out there, even if they’re quiet :slight_smile:

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After connecting to testnet 10 with the launcher and firing up the mail app, it authorizes fine and Mail pops up, so far so good, then after composing mail and attempting to send I get a blank box that pops up which then makes my launcher go blank and disconnect from the network. The reason I know it’s disconnected is I can no longer browse in safe beaker browser. Side note @Krishna_Kumar I did have the wrong beaker browser version but got the current version and now clearnet is blocked and comment plugin shows up, thank you, sometimes it’s just something such as a silly oversight. Running OS X 10.11.6


(nothing to see here, was just curious if the public ID would work)


Ah shoot, the forum changes the \:poop: character to the :poop: emoticon


I can paste it in my browser but it’s impossible to paste my ID on this forum now. :joy:




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Hey, guys. What was wrong with the proxy way of connecting to SAFE? Was it that bad that you chose to be tied to some 3rd party software (beaker browser) and external non-official libraries (safe-js)? Why these two approaches couldn’t work side-by-side and let users choose?


The proxy was a security risk, and hard for many users to set up.

At some point, not long is my expectation, somebody will revive the Firefox plugin and extend it to support safe:// and include safe-js. This is quite a simple project I think and I’d look at it myself if I wasn’t already working on other things. With this users will have two options. More may follow.

Safe-js doesn’t need compiling, so I don’t know what you mean by that, and removing the proxy makes it simpler for the user, not more complex.

Safe-js will become a standard API which app developers can make use of, but can ignore if they don’t want to use it - so it is not reducing choice or options.

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So it’s not possible to reference clearnet URL from Beaker browser, is it?

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AFAIK the latest version has a toggle switch to enable clearnet browsing.

While i partially understand the decision to drop the proxy, it should not have happened before a ff/chrome plugin or standalone proxy was made available. I doubt it caused many problems in the development of the other aspects. So it seems to be a political statement restricting your choice rather than a technical necessity.