MaidSafe Dev Update - October 26, 2017


I am in full agreement with all of what you said. I began writing today because I thought this was in development ONLY since 2014, now I find out they have been on it for 10 years. My point is we needed maidsafe before they build this.



Don’t tell me you are old enough to remember back to when electric cars were advertised to women before petrol won the day! :grin: only kidding, besides nice having a wise sould around to whip us youngins into shape.


Cheaky whipper nipper :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No I saw one that Leno had. It still had the original battery and Leno drove it around his show room. The battery may last over 100 years with maintenance, it just isn’t as efficient as modern batteries.


The only thing, with Electronium, is that the so-called “mining” on phones is just for show. Not real mining. It’s a gimmick, but it does show the level of interest there is in the concept.