MaidSafe Dev Update - October 26, 2017

Nice! Across from a Funeral home, where blockchain is buried…


@joshuef I don’t have a Dev account so I’ll comment here on the browser choice.

I don’t see a stake holder model and think for the browser in particular there is only one stake holder hence no stake holder model and it is the end user. When we go to use SAFE for our own purposes we are all end users- exceptions will still likely have critical personal end user use cases.

Therefore I care about one critical decentalized feature which I think should be a design principle:

End user retains total unadulterated control over the end user interface.

Default mode allows no manipulation of interface i.e., scrolling, volume, forward and backward and stop load but most critcally nothing modal no graying or locking the number or order of windowing. None of the things that advertisers use to force, coerce or steal attention.
Total control over book marking… on and on all modifications explicit opt in.

As as a regular end user I don’t trust any mainstream browser and dislike them all even Brave which I like the most in a relative sense.

HTTP bridges seem inevitable and they will be problematic. So personally I favor letting go of HTTP as a sinking ship. What is needed is a clean ground up design that adhears to SAFE principles which have evolved beyond the 1960s internet. But to be properly decentralized it has to be in my mind end user centric where the needs of the end user will come before all other use cases. I know to some extent this may imply SAFE OS, because I think also end user retains total control of the hardware. And SAFE can make the integration there as tight as possible because no one will force SAFE to unbundle browser from OS.


Tell me the invitation code, please!

Go to to claim yours. Make sure to set your IP.

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First get to Trust Level 1 (Basic User) on this forum, then download the browser from Then visit (while logged into this forum).


As anticipated in the original post, a new release of the SAFE Browser (v0.7.0) has been just published. Please refer to this post for details and instructions to download it.


Excellent news chaps, let’s hope you can get some outside Dev momentum over there.


I watched this (and got all excited) because you talked about the maidsafe network as if it already existed. That was in 2013, then you scrapped the whole project and started again with “Rust” I believe?

I joined the forum and have tried some of the demos (the ones where all the uploaded data goes away as soon as you test the next version.

Since then i have moved on to Qubes OS for file security and we now have and which are working after only a month of development.
Great idea guys. A day late and a dollar short - selling all my maidsafe coins - if they were real, they would have disintegrated by now.

Uh, If it were a product that worked. It would be a threat to the powers that be. So it would have to be decentralized and all devs would have to work from different places. THAT LAST THING a decentralized company wants is a CENTRAL location.

I don’t believe this product will ever launch. We needed it badly in 2013 when the Snowden files were all the rage - we still need it. But, sadly there is no maidsafe network. It’s just something that was mentioned 4.5 years ago on Max Keiser. is pretty cool! Didn’t know about it before.

Maidsafe would have been cool but they are wasting the Years of adoption time it needs just developing it.

How would you suggest adopting something which isn’t ready yet?

I suppose Google self driving cars would be cool too, if they didn’t waste years developing them…


One most regrets the missed opportunities. One day you may be deeply sorry for your safecoins. Even when you leave a project keeps 10%…

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So you don’t believe in maidsafe team? You think they are not able to deliver full product?

Still no one else out there building an autonomous network or finding a way for us to own and secure our actual data (not just identifiers in a blockchain).

BTC is powerful because it is censor resistant money. SAFE will be powerful because it ‘will be’ censor resistant data.

MaidSafe devs are located across several different continents. Once it launches real SafeCoins no one can turn it off.

It has taken a long time to get where we are, but MaidSafe are doing something very difficult. We each have to make our own minds up about whether or not they are capable of getting there, but to my mind they already have, they just need to make the thing stable and build in all the incentives to keep it running on its own indefinitely.

Who knows what will happen, you just gotta make whatever judgement calls you think are best. No need to get angry with folks trying to change the world though imo. It’s not like they are profiteering like so many in crypto. They’re working hard and they’re close, you chose to invest and it’ll be up to you if and when you sell. Meh, angry posters are usually just angry at themselves and looking for somewhere to vent in my experience.


That is what I believe. I went from a flip phont to a smart phone in the time it takes you guys to get settled on the foundation you might build on.

here is one of the creators of Dtube - and now dsound.aucio. using ipfs, they have done (in a couple weeks) what you can’t do in years. And people are already getting paid in steem for their videos, audios files.

take that.!/v/elmetro/6asnkzdu


You are not comparing like with like.


PM me how much your selling (probably Jabba too) and if we can negotiate …problem solved. No more hostility needed that way.


No offence and it may be our marketing/pr that causes you to think we are trying to build Dtube or some similar system. If you read the filecoin pitch pdf you will see something ore similar to what we are building, they actually describe some of it really well, of course ignoring the blockchain part and the part about users setting price of storage etc. Or check what the eth devs are doing with their sharding/data plans , none of these will be released by xmas and none of these are an app.

I hope that helps you a bit.