MaidSafe Dev Update – October 18, 2016 – TEST 11


Didn’t come here for a a few months and I understand little of the weekly updates. Could anyone summaries shortly how the development is going, how far the network is from launching? Thanks in advance.


Out of 65 PublicIDs guessed, fell 19 websites

:bug: to note the Enable Comments on all sites seems not to work from here and that since a couple of days into the test. Expecting devs are aware as that looks to be the same as last test… not browser related or caching either. So, I can’t see any content put to the safe://diy.yvette though I wonder no-one can post there now.


Might find some answers in this thread.


I’m back: safe://mysongs.fiee/


What does this mean exactly?


I couldn’t get this to work on your dir.yvette website last time I tried, left you a note on the dev forum


erm… I guessed 65 PublicIDs on the back of obvious options for those and then guessed Services for those, finding 19 with websites… that usually just on the back of those being at www. or something obvious like blog.

The Public ID can exist without website or content… it can also have a Service name that I didn’t guess correctly… which is a lot more likely than PublicID.

If I find em, I keep them on a list… though I wonder you have previously had multiple instances of whiteoutmashups 2 3 4 at one time and I might have purged those never to be guessed again… unless there’s a reason like you suggesting them somewhere here, or a page I do know linking out to it.

I take all the credit but of course it’s the CPU doing the work; I just push the buttons :smiley:

It’ll be the diy site but as above I think there’s a bug that must be same for all blogs using that and I hope already obvious enough it’s being dealt with.


GUYS can anyone help out my maidsafe launcher isnt workin when i put in the password and secret question it loads forever then nottin


Which version of the Launcher is it?


i dont know i instaled it like a month ago is ther a newer one if so can i have a lin im a comple te noob when comes to this but i love the maidsafe idea so


Do you remember where you downloaded it from? If it was the Maidsafe homepage it will be for the Alpha network, which I believe is down at the moment. If you downloaded it from Github there may be a different problem


Hey this is the link to the best launcher


As indicated in the last dev update, the Test 11 network is now offline.