MaidSafe Dev Update – October 18, 2016 – TEST 11


are you using SAFE Browser v0.3.5?


I have no idea. There’s no “About” in the browser that I can find. Needs to be added.

I’ll download the latest one.


you can see the version of SAFE Browser by going to the Settings tab:


I get the [Enable Comments] button showing on that safe://portlandspirit/ page regardless of whether I’m logged in or not - no function on it, though the inspect element console notes “Admin has the privilege to enable comment.”


OK, that was my problem. I hadn’t updated the browser.



safe://myfd.rsports looks good and works well.

“Connect remote storage”… Permissions detail suggests "Allow this app to access the data stored in your SAFE Drive. Does that suggest Drive as in the private files and is that then read only? I’m guessing that is a description from the launcher rather than the app.


Thanks Maidsafe Team for your hard work and the new toys.

Time to let these puppies run :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy testing everyone


@davidpbrown thanks, good to know it looks like it works :slight_smile:

It is currently requesting access to ‘drive’ (ie isPathShared=true) with public access (ie isPrivate=false) and uses this access to create a directory /remotestorage/myfavoritedrinks where it stores your “drinks”. Unfortunately, in beaker, the safe-js library won’t let it do everything yet, so it is only actually storing your drinks locally (in browser storage).


All in all a cool update. However,
Do I need to grant access to every single site that uses this plugin ?

So there will be a pop-up for every site I browse… Doesn’t seem cool…
Pop-ups asking user for permissions should be kept to an absolute mnnimum…

Moreover I can put my own javascript into comment section or use html to format my text… Desired default behaviour?


or at least remember a users preferences; so, that it is only once per site.


EPB? Where are you seeing this? (platform, version, please). You should be seeing the SAFE icon already for the last two versions. So if you’re not, we’ve got a bug!


Not sure where the SAFE icon is expected… only icons I see are blank page on the tab - perhaps instead of favicons that do exist -(for example dir.yvette has favicon) and the application icon in the programs panel

mix graphic of those two:

That’s then on Linux x64

Would be good to see the program icon made SAFE like… and perhaps named as SAFE browser.


Me too. In the task bar of windows 8.1 (and in windows 7 too)


Okay, thanks for clarifying. I’ll scope out the electron builder for windows process and get this straightened out :thumbsup:


I think they are working on a solution,


Very exciting news.

I’ve been testing various combinations of group/quorum size to see how performance changes, and how this may look when disjoint groups arrive. Looking forward to putting the results up on the forum once the tests are complete, it’s been a very interesting round of testing.


Awesome update! Just gathering all the info and putting it into a cohesive update seems like a lot of work :slight_smile: Dont know of any other crypto project that has such in depth and frequent updates. Good job as always to the whole team and @frabrunelle for putting the hard work in to words.


If you are interested in organising and hosting your own SAFE developer meetup group, please send me a private message here and I’ll get you set up!


Awesome update @frabrunelle . These are very well organized and delivery is exceptional. This is a great way for newcomers to see the progress regardless if they understand the techno blab. The participation seems to be ramping. A suggestion to include a “Developer Updates” link on the header may make it uber-ez for newcomers to catch and follow the latest. Having that link to a line-item summary page (which in turn link to the detailed updates) makes catching up a breeze. Many dont follow weekly so quick access could be valuable.


Does the [Enable Comments] button still work for most everyone?.. on Linux, I seem to get no response and no activity in the launcher terminal and I can’t make it out. I’ve updated to beaker, trying to fix it but no change… simply not response, whether I’m logged in as owner or as another.

I just put a default test to safe://test.story/ and can’t get it to respond.