MaidSafe Dev Update - November 9, 2017


I still believe it should be done like that. if there is bug or efficiency fixes , they dont need to be named as another alpha. That would only create confusion


we’ll all be dead before this thing gets off the ground


Depends whether there are funds left to continue and whether the network is at a stage where it can be launched and fixes applied as we go


Instead of FUDing and not contributing you are more than welcome to jump off the bus anytime…just sayin :roll_eyes:


If they make alpha 5,6,7…10 with period 1 month between them than it does not matter. It is just a name of released version. For pumpers&dumpers it can make a difference but there is not a reason to think it will take so much time as previous alpha versions. Safe net will be under development many years after beta and full release, so it is all just a naming strategy. Gmail was in beta for many years and people were using it heavily.


I hope your new offices have sleeping/dining quarters. You should take the Google approach and provide everything a person could want, so they never need to leave the office.


Padlocks on the doors and windows are a must


Some will and more will be born, unless some president goes mental I doubt we will all be dead though, but we are not building an aeroplane :wink: It’s already part launched that is what all the tests and releases are proving. So we are ok here, all going to plan, we all wish it were faster, but the important thing is and this cannot be stressed enough, buf the avoidance of any doubt, I will repeat this,

  • we WILL launch when its ready
  • we WILL change the way our data is secured (by actually truly securing it)
  • we WILL make life better for every single person
  • we WILL empower those that have been left behind
  • we WILL test and test again and then test some more
  • we WILL NOT be stopped
  • People worldwide WILL benefit in ways we cannot even imagine.

It is that important and I for one know this every day. Woe betide the person who gets in our way to make all this happen. We will not let people down, not just the investors or even the supporters, but especially those people who we can really empower, engage and include from all walks of life in all geographies of all sexes, cultures and capability. The people we don’t see and never hear from are the ones we need to reach and we will, for sure we will. The return for me personally is the smile of a child far away from here we will never meet, but we will know she is happy and safe, because of what we do here. Not because we don’t try, but because we refuse to stop pushing forward.

During all of this we will get more negative folk and the more audacious our goals, the more defeatist talk we will see. It all means things are going to plan. No worries :wink: on track and playing out perfectly as far as I can see.

Is It still possible maidsafe will fail

Tour de force! You should frame this, stick it up in the office, in the toilet, on the fridge, make children say it before they go to sleep… :grin:


And spoken in Sir Winston Churchill’s famous speech voice. :sunglasses:

But that is what we need to produce the unstoppable secure network.


Really impressed with how the forum is being moderated, having some very cool hands on board is keeping it real.


Yes, the moderation is superb. Thank you @moderators


David… he is not totally wrong because some of us really have a shorter life since life is unpredictable. I love what you have just share and will definitely share with Penang group chat. Thanks for what you believe in. I know you are doing this for every single one in this world and our life would never be the same again… because of you!


The difference was that the poster said “all” and not referring to just themselves or some people. Just pointing that out :wink:


Assembling the parts for a better future :smile: