MaidSafe Dev Update – November 8, 2016


@frabrunelle What about resource proof? Is that not necessary for vaults at home for bandwidth reasons? Will it be in the next test net?


It’s one of the components required as part of the Node Ageing RFC. Here is an explanation of what it is (written by @dirvine):

It’s a mechanism node ageing will use but slightly separate. It is a crypto proof (of work actually) and a proof of bandwidth to force noces to pass a minimum measurement / capability before they join (or relocate in node ageing).

Yes, it’s necessary to allow vaults from home :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t Node Aging be active as RFC as well? Or do we have to wait until implementation starts?


No, the Node Ageing RFC shouldn’t be active (yet) because it’s not yet at the stage where devs are implementing it :slight_smile:


@frabrunelle this really clears that up for me, thank you for the response :slight_smile: