MaidSafe Dev Update - November 30, 2017


Sorry for a dumb question- Can someone please explain how crust/uTP work is related to data chain ?


Here is the crust code, the readme on this page explains what crust is

This will show you crust is a general purpose secured p2p transport mechanism. Routing tells crust what to transport. Routing can be called an overlay network, but its the heart of SAFE really, where computers find each other and are analysed / accepted rejected etc. into the network.


I’m sure most here understand that a timeline isn’t really possible. But that roadmap is high-level in the extreme. Maybe it would be possible to give at least a bit more detail as to what should be done and in what order?


The dev updates have provided a lot of detail in relation to the approach for alpha 3 and this is likely to continue as the guys move the speccing out the tasks. We are likely to take the same approach to alpha 4 once 3 is complete. Spending time now planning out alpha 4 and beyond only slows us down and task orders will likely change anyway as we move through the implementation.


Hi @nicklambert do you have any other business related SAFE meetings planed for the near future ? Thx in advance ! :slight_smile:


Hi Adam, I have SAFE business meetings most weeks of varying types, they can be with companies looking at how they integrate and use the network within their own use case, we have strategy meetings, we speak with potential partners (promotional partners, exchanges, opening new offices…etc…). In some cases the companies specifically request that we don’t speak about discussions publicly. We would tend to let the community know where we have news that we think is of interest and is ok to mention.


Yeah I’m in for the long haul. Let’s hope it not gonna be near the 9 year mark. But thanks for your input :slight_smile:


Is there any plan to partner with a 3rd party project/team in future when the network will be somewhat ready? For instance, Modum is using IOTA for their project. I also read something about IOTA and Microsoft but didn’t get a chance to research about it yet. This kind of partnership or collaboration will help mass adoption and bring safenet into spotlight. I’m just curious to know what’s going on in the business dev side. I know that there are few projects like decorum which will use safenet. I was not thinking about any early stage project like decorum. Maybe an existing company considering interfacing or using safenet for their business… something on that line.


Our plan would be to partner with many companies/developers of all sizes. IMO this will represent a major part of our growth. We have already been speaking with a company in Singapore whom we visited earlier this year and we have had quite a few more enquiries since from a real variety of companies. My own feeling is that the enquiries will really increase once we have a network with persistent data and well documented APIs.


Love the ground-up preference.

Partnering with lots of smaller or mid-size companies is definitely the way to spread much farther, and seed more decentralised growth, than just one big company with lots of money.

Plus there’s lots of really interesting small companies out there that can move much faster and make amazing things happen with SAFE on a much shorter timeline than the larger ones. Less baggage / rules / bureaucracy :+1:

Definitely smart!


Yes partnering with big companies usually only benefits the big company.

A bit like peer to peer partnering for a P2P network


Nokia is searching for technology to secure health data, maybe a opportunity for SAFE to speak up? What do you think @nicklambert ? :wink:


I did not know that Nokia still exists :grinning:


when to start alpha 3? i have been with MaidSafe since 2014. look forward real product in 2018!


IMO for direct approaches to have a realistic chance of success we would require the specific team lead within Nokia responsible for the project, deep knowledge of what part of their business (revenue streams, distribution models…etc…) and a working example tailored to some degree to that use case. I suspect your referring to this news. I wonder if the article is correct, it mentions that they will be storing the actual data on a blockchain, which as we know is not good (unencrypted/too expensive/poor performance) for mass storage. Thanks for the heads up though Adam.


360 photo of our meeting :smiley:


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