MaidSafe Dev Update - November 30, 2017


Thanks for the great update! Very excited to see uTP and data chains coming along nicely!

Also great changes/additions to the api. Will try to update my chat app as soon as possible.


Thanks Maidsafe devs for all your continuous hard work,

Wow, just wow reading about how the SAFE Network will work with data chains. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a lot to digest in this update! Great work and I will give it a proper read through later!


Update on Browser Binaries:

After the initial issue on safe_app_nodejs has been resolved, the regression testing on browser has exposed that the relative URLs passed from the browser to the safe_app_nodejs is not in the correct format. This issue has crept in during the refactor phase, since this issue is not present in the previous versions. The patches in the code are removed and now it is much cleaner. Thus fixing this issue at the beaker-plugin-safe-app should resolve the URLs properly and pass it to safe_app_nodejs. We will be resolving this issue and test the URLs for different scenarios before we put the binaries out. We hope to get the binaries released early next week.


Obviously little or no progress is being made here,or,why would we have dropped from the top 10 in Market Cap to 44.Also Richard Heart stated that we are losing Devs,is this correct?


really? no I mean really?? That’s the best post you could come up with :clap::clap:

Richard Heart… :laughing: just :laughing:

Apologies if that was a genuine question, no there is no news I’ve heard on the dev front.


No we are opening a bigger office in India to cope with larger teams. There will be staff turnaround I hope, but the team is growing, not shrinking. I have no idea who richard Heart is?

For this part you will need a magic ball, we released alpha 2 and our price/position dropped. The price/position is not reflective of progress or not. Its a hint at best, but seems more a measure of hype that fact. We don’t hype much at all and that shows in the marketplace. We are aware of that and are looking to bolster that position, but as MaidSafe we will do it wisely I hope.


To whom. Only those who don’t do their research and rely on others to do it for them. Even a few hours reading a month is enough to know otherwise.

Progress is not measured by being on the top of a manipulated crypto market. I can have a useless coin that has few trades and yet have a market cap of billions because the last trade for 0.00001 coins was for 10$ per coin (trade amt = 0.1 cents)

Also progress cannot be measured by market cap ranking because as new coins and projects come and go they can be above others since they have more coins and pumps/dumps during the period viewed.

Progress is measured by actual progress, odd I know to measure progress by actual metrics rather than the opinion of those buying and selling pumps and dumps.

Where are they being lost. I didn’t know the devs were so hard worked that they forget how to find their way home and back to work. But seriously look for yourself and realise as David says in any project longer than 1 year that there will be devs come and go. If you spent time reading the last 10 updates you would see the expansion of the team. And the occasional dev move onto other things or as a couple have taken extended leave (eg marriage for one)

But it seems your intention was not to learn since you could have read updates and found out for yourself.


Current market cap stats means nothing to me when information like this is out there.

How many projects with a marketcap larger than Maidsafe won’t even exist in a year?


We should be suspicious of any organization that doesn’t focus on their technology and instead hypes the underlying investment value of their coin. Maidsafe is right to focus on getting a network out instead of hyping the short term value of their coin.


speaking of natural systems. Paul Stamets (Mushroom expert) was on the Joe Rogan Podcast recently talking about how the Japanese subway system used results from experiments with mycelium (the network that connects mushrooms under ground) to reorganize their subway system. The results were a much more efficient network.

That got me wondering how maidsafe could use examples from nature to solve network problems.

But anyways just thought that was interesting.


Where can I find a list of addresses for site to look at using the Safe Browser?


This is a good place to start.

Note: a few of them only work with the updated browser, version 0.7.0



I have just bout some Maidsafe coins today and will be looking to purchase more in the near future. Could anyone at Maidsafe educate me on the stages of the entire project for example… the Alpha stage, Beta stage etc - and where the project is currently at. The stages do not mean much to me at this stage so I would like to have a better understanding of how far the project is away from becoming live. Any information regarding this would be appreciated as this will determine how much I will buy in the future.

Thanks in advance.



Hi and welcome. Our high-level roadmap is at the bottom of our homepage.


OK thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look :slight_smile:


Hi Maidsafe,

How long did it take Maidsafe to complete Alpha 1?
When are we expecting to complete Alpha 2, 3 and 4?
Do we have an approx time to reach the beyond stage?

I guess how long is a piece of string right?

Apologies on all newbie the questions.



left ? … :wink:


Great job MaidSafe!

Looks like everyone’s having success opening offices recently :wink:

And thanks for the extra updates @Krishna_Kumar. I just met with one of my my devs here in Malaysia (Mr @vjbollavarapu) from Chennai and he was telling me how helpful and responsive you’ve been for him on the forum as he goes along, so I can’t thank you enough for that.

Working alongside such an honest, humble, and passionate group of geniuses makes even the hard parts enjoyable :slight_smile: Thanks MaidSafe for everything you do, and never hesitate to call on us and the greater community for anything. Lots of helpful people all around the globe, and we all support you more than anything!

Privacy, security, freedom! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here’s a shot of our meeting in 360! (that’s NOT my car btw lol):


You’re not going to get a timeline, only a roadmap. They are coding a system that has never existed before and as such there is no means to really put any time on it (at least while being honest). So the fact that they don’t give a timeline is really a testament to their integrity/honesty here.

Each week progress is being made toward the goals on the roadmap, so if you are thinking of buying tokens, then IMO, buy for the long haul - it may be nine months, but it maybe nine years! My personal bet is somewhere in between.