MaidSafe Dev Update - November 30, 2017

Would fortnightly updates be more beneficial? I’m just thinking in terms of less time spent updating the community, and more time coding. Or tell me to shut up.


This is huge guys :sunglasses: !

The API changes will be very welcomed, I already love isMockBuild !!

Really cool to have a peek into the data-chains progress, too.


“Work has started at last”. You sound almost as happy as I am. Well done to all the dev’s.




Wait what maidsafe is already expanding development to india with their own office??? This is huge!!!


Great update, and as usual thanks for the hard yards this week! :wink:

Is there a concise explanation of the purpose of DataChains somewhere? By concise I mean maybe a large paragraph. And by purpose I mean not how they work but what they can be used for. My understanding is that they protect the network by retaining information about resources/data, but what other uses/purposes do they have?



This may help,


yeah … lol, I’ve read that one before. I guess I’m looking for more the pond and not the ocean.

I suppose I’ll let the cat out of the bag. I’m working to put together a weekly youtube show on crypto’s, but with a focus at the end of each episode on MAIDSAFE and in particular the weekly update. So I’m interested in concise lay-person explanations … I may end up having to write them myself in time, but thought I’d ask if anything was handy.


so it can be reborn as a different id and start over

Or, with other words a reincarnation. I do feel the Indian influence already :wink:

Anyhow a beefy update :+1:


This is a thing of beauty.


Great update thank you.

Any chance of seeing these ‘very useful results’? I know we can run it ourselves but some maidsafe-supplied interpretation to go with the results would be fun.


Such good reading this is. Thanks for the hard work.
Great news with the India office, prepared to grow.

As data chains discussions and designs are nearing finalising phase, we decided to start coding features to better express the fundamentals and continue testing the design. Work has started at last.

This is so exciting to follow.

Also, this:

A significant step to a secured multi-protocol, randomised port encrypted network library that will benefit a great many projects.

Some FFI bindings for it would be very cool. I have been looking around for solutions for doing additional overlay p2p networks ontop of SAFE. I am using WebRtc now, but definitely would be awesome to use crust. Liked the video you did on crust btw David. Lots of material out there, I just wish there was more! (Can’t get enough :smile: )

@TylerAbeoJordan, that is good to hear.


Very exciting to watch this technology be born into the world! Maid, you are doing an amazing job.


Will it take effect with the release of the new browser ? Will the previous api version still be supported for a while , in the 0.7 browser, and in the new one ?
I am pondering publishing a new version of the simple forum now, or taking the time to adapt it to the new API.

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@nicklambert How are those BTCs from the BankToTheFuture crowdfund doing Nick? I guess they’re a warm welcome concerning MaidSafe’s expansion?? :stuck_out_tongue: :+1::+1::+1:


In C language:

#define GROUP_SIZE 8

More seriously:

Until now it was the size of a group which is the list of nodes that are the closest to an XOR address. These are the nodes that manage the data having this address, so GROUP_SIZE is also the number of times the data is stored in the network (= duplication factor).

But with new routing, GROUP_SIZE is also the number of elders in a section.

I am not familiar enough with the routing inner workings to see why these 2 numbers are the same. Besides, I don’t think that the elders belong necessarily to a group because they can be far apart in the section, so calling their number GROUP_SIZE is odd. Maybe another name should be chosen to convey what these 2 numbers have in common.


We still have a few and glad of it. As you say helps fund expansion and means we don’t need to look for additional funding in the near term. Onward and upward!


lol - or for more obscurity don’t even define it in the source code and do it only via command line:

$ gcc -DGROUP_SIZE=8 main.c 

May be easier to think of these as the oldest nodes in a section, so closest addresses on a network to a Prefix. If you consider the consensus component of the network being Elders then the closest xor wise to a section prefix are this group.


Thanks for the great update! Very excited to see uTP and data chains coming along nicely!

Also great changes/additions to the api. Will try to update my chat app as soon as possible.