MaidSafe Dev Update - November 23, 2017

I doubt that David would let that happen honestly. Lisence for sure but purchase to possibly be shelved by a company that loves to acquire and shelf? I don’t think so.


Or sell a stake. Who knows? :slight_smile:

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We often hear of all these new partnerships, Ripple/Visa, Iota/Microsoft, Stellar/IBM the list goes on. While its probable this is nothing more than a talk/presentation it sure would be nice to start seeing partnerships develop.
Perhaps just just a little too early at this point?


Agree 100%, we have had approaches from some of those companies such as MS, its really for them to “sell” us their service or make it easy for our service to run on their stuff like Azure. Its more sales for them and could help us. I see many projects get that approach and then call it a partnership etc. I find that misleading though as its not a partnership as folk expect. Its more a sales route and some hype for a project, but really based on nothing much. Its like buying a burger and announcing a trading deal with McDonalds :slight_smile:

Like you though I think real partnerships will come about and some may be with not huge profit companies and mean more to us, like perhaps Mozilla, SOLID etc. and some will be companies with huge reach like the Google/Microsoft etc. The former for value the latter for profit, right now though I think value is our goal, profit later but profit in the most acceptable manner, if that makes sense.


Like it! And the partnership would most likely be the sort that a cow has with McDonalds. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahahahaha. Can’t stop laughing

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Hi @nicklambert can you share your thoughts on the meeting you had today with Google? :slight_smile:


Poor cow. But who actually got the “raw” end of the deal? Jokes aside factory farms and McDonald’s suck :unamused:

microsoft is testing iota coin hope we should launch fast and before company moving to someone coin we should attract… and give good services its my mind

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It was good. They were very interested and I presented a high level view of the network, discussing it’s autonomous nature, blockchain-less, self encrypting data, close group consensus and safecoin. There were a few local attendees and other European office joined in. They estimate around 1000 Googlers will watch the meeting, but hard to be sure about that. I’m not sure if this represents Google becoming more interested in the crypto space? I personally haven’t heard too much about them in relation to blockchain-type stuff, but given the interest, use cases and potential revenue involved it would be naive to think they haven’t invested some resources in the space. So we will see what happens.


Another thing: is there as much cow as advertised in the burger?


When they say (in Australia) that its 100% Australian beef, all they are saying is that the low grade beef that is in the burger is Australian. They are not saying the burger is all beef. Its likely to be the minimum amount and still be able to call it a beef burger.

Maybe we should genetically make a cow like in “hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”


I’ve only seen the movie. I know that “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is the book that says I live in a country best not to be named.

Its also in the original series done by the BBC.

The series by the BBC is really good and suggest you watch that if you liked the storyline in the movie.

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Something a bit like this…


I believe the answer to that question was 42


I like how the problem of Bureaucrats, hair dressers etc was solved by Adams in the show. The planet faked a future destruction event and sent those in one ship and the rest supposedly went in one or two others. Well only one ship actually launched and guess which one.

Hi, can you please inform if this presentation is available for watch?


It’s not I’m afraid, only available to Googlers.

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Thanks for your message.