MaidSafe Dev Update - November 2, 2017

Maybe they should put together whatever working code they have that is stable & get it running so that devs can develop against it, and keep developing the stuff that isn’t ready yet in the background…

Hang on a minute! They already have! It’s called Alpha 2 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Overtaken by other projects??? We have a 10 year head start on anyone. Has someone been developing data chains in secret?


My personal opinion is no one will be able to match the security, anonymity, speed of tx, scalability, or ethos of dectralized tech as SAFE. SAFE really does have the heads up, especially on the autonomy of the network that basically encompasses all other or at least provides the platform for all current Blockchain projects


how do I get an invitation to login to the browser? i think I am Lev 1! i don’t see where I would actually put my forum credentials. sorry if this is a real noob question, and it is actually clearly posted somewhere i didn’t look.

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this bus driver looks awfully familiar? :rofl:


i get stuck at this error when attempting to login after putting in pass and secret. '‘Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network

That probaly means that you haven’t updated your IP. If it’s not that then it’s most likely your firewall blocking access

my ip isn’t static i access on a wifi hotspot rooted into android, it is always shifting would that be a problem? i set the ip and it matched but i know it will change soon. what firewall settings would i look at? firewall was switched off

I would guess that might be a problem then yes, depending on how often it changes. Have you tried getting everything else (secret / password) set up then resetting the IP just before you hit ‘login’? I don’t know about firewalls on Android, I was thinking more Linux / Windows firewalls.

yes i have tried everything, still no luck, ip matches, i have my invitation, made pas and secret. still same message, i am bummed, it doesn’t look like i can do anything else, linux firewall is turned off.
do i need to do something with the safe host manager?

No that’s a separate app. Can you try again and post the authenticator log (File | Show SAFE logs?) Might help narrow down the problem.

sent you a pm would discuss there rather than muck up this post.

Got it - thanks. Looks like the IP problem to me, but I’m out of my depth now. @ustulation helped me out when I had similar issues. Copying the first few lines of the log here in case one of the devs can spot something obvious.

T 17-11-06 15:11:06.159751 [safe_authenticator::ffi] Authenticator - create a client account. T 17-11-06 15:11:06.160359 [safe_core::client] Creating an account. T 17-11-06 15:11:06.436109 [crust::main::service] Network name: Some(“alpha_2”) T 17-11-06 15:11:07.459415 [crust::main::service] Event loop started T 17-11-06 15:11:07.459511 [crust::main::config_refresher] Entered state ConfigRefresher T 17-11-06 15:11:07.459688 [safe_core::client] Waiting to get connected to the Network… I 17-11-06 15:11:09.163689 [crust::main::bootstrap] Failed to Bootstrap with (ClientNotWhitelisted) Our Client is not whitelisted I 17-11-06 15:11:09.169341 [crust::main::bootstrap 

Don’t suppose it’s possible to try a different Internet connection?

Thats the crux of the problem. When @Lee_Travis tries to join the network sees the IP address which is the external facing IP address of the wifi he is currently on.

I know one of our mobile networks can change ones mobile phone/dongle’s IP address every access. Its like they have a huge NAT with multiple IP addresses facing the internet and its rather random which IP address is used for any connection.

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You might be right, but why can see my true ip and so can my personal site. But it is read like that ^. I do know that exchanges also have a problem connecting with me sometimes. it is like having a vpn only even more secure. i can’t even get on the safe network. sometimes it changes frequently and sometimes it won’t change for a few days. But I almost always have to do extra verification on any routine site I go to. During my safe browser authenticator session, it seemed fairly stable.

I really wish sites could use something other than ip to identify you ip just isn’t reliable enough. and it takes too much control out of the hands of users. that above address is a DigitalOcean address, like maybe that is a server that hosts some of the maid browser.

@maidsafe is there some way that we could embed the invitation token in the client config. The person still only gets their 1000 PUTs so there shouldn’t be a spamming problem if they copy the config over to another device.

This way it is dependent on the invite code only and not the IP address?


Problem there is that we know some people will just give this out. Its already been attempted and this is why all the hassle. So we have spammers and well meaning people that will give this out to deal with. Its a PITA but till safecoin its gonna be like that, apart from alpha 3 mind you.


Welcome @Janmejoy, great work devs!