MaidSafe Dev Update – November 15, 2016


Props @Shankar! And you @lightyear the new rfc’s are a clean and clear read


:thumbsup: @shankar nice work! Thank you.


OK, looks good. I see an error message that it can’t find the home directory, and a link to push to fix it.

Looks great! Website came up with all files. Thanks Krishna!


So essentially what you’re saying is instead of saving the file as structured data you save a link to the file as structured data?


Yes, in part or whole, or several SD items etc. That’s all possible client side as it is up to the client s/w to choose. But, yes your conclusion is correct :wink:


Great work, keep going, thanks team


The speed at which you guys iare moving is fantastic. Thanks for all the work you’re doing. With the recent passing of one of the scariest bits of mass surveillance legislation ( we really need this project to succeed.


Been thinking about it alot and I honestly can’t wait to start seeing the sites / web apps we’re all making on a smartphone screen! :smiley: That will make app testing and SAFE in general both much more accessible, and allow everything to feel so much more real. Things can really iterate faster for every project with this Authenticator and the ability to start using SAFE on Android (iPhone too?).


Will the SAFE Beaker Browser work on Android? Or will @joshuef help get it ported? Can’t find much info on it online in terms of mobile. Wondering if my safe-js projects will be able to work on mobile, through something like our current SAFE Browser.

If not, are we looking at other ways (back to firefox etc plugins) to get Android / iOS working?



SAFE Beaker is built using electron, which is a browser engine based on chromium packaged together with the nodejs-programming-language. These only work on desktop at the moment and won’t be portable.

Other ways, yes. Plugins: no. Firefox recently canned their older Plugin-Infrastructure and the new one doesn’t allow for custom protocols (and there seems little hope that it will any time soon), rendering that a dead end.

However, both platforms appear to allow the usage of their own web-frames (their rendering engines) with custom URL-resolution and -fetching mechanism. We are thinking of building a minimal browsering-framework for mobile, that would allow browsing and usage of SAFE-js (-style API) and could be the base for a full-blown browser with tabs, favourites and all that fun. That is, however, a bit further down the road and we haven’t fully investigated this just yet.


is it just me or is the established internet at war with the emerging SAFE net?


It’s just you :slight_smile:

I know how excited everyone will be once SAFE’s available, and have no doubt we’ll see code and projects springing up from devs from many major clearnet companies very early on (FFox, google, fb etc).

Things just happen to be built around serves currently :frowning:


Sounds like a CEP to me!

Mobile browsers that allow safe-js