MaidSafe Dev Update – November 1, 2016


And thank you. senor, for an entertaining chat :grinning:


:smiley: it was nice to meet you @Southside
I find it so fascinating to meet people from this community using the technology created by this same community! I recommend others to meet in a video chat room to experience it!


@bochaco Please check your logs.
Do you get similar to these lines repeated throughout our chat?


It’s all green here:


OK thanks - did you get any errors when you run

npm run start

I’ll add this to the bug report at


This is a known limitation. I noted your report, but there is no quick fix for this. We could provide a nicer fallback “connection refused” message maybe?

Those are correct, too. We are polling the second location continously. And as that doesn’t exist yet, those fail. While that is totally okay state for us/the app, the launcher reports them as FAILURE right now. We’ve been thinking for a while to provide more fine-grained logging support to prevent false-positives like this and that will probably become part of the next generation of the launcher infrastructure.


I’m running the binary instead of building it locally. I just checked the Client.log and Client_ui.log and I don’t see any errors either.


This make me think a little (bad idea I know :slight_smile: ) why not have each end relayed so that each end only sees its relay and even if the malicious user can control their relay they still only see the other person’s relay. A much harder situation to crack and yet not introduce too much delays. Maybe give the choice of no relay or 1 relay or the relay-to-relay option for any “direct” connection set up. I would still like to see the no-relay option because some APPs may require it and as you say the signing can confirm the receiver’s identity for say IoT applications.


!!! I did not expect to happen this soon. Congrats!

I would love to try it but I don’t have web cam. lol I never bought one, nor desire to. I’m wondering… Could I still talk to someone (voice), like mumble, or teamspeak?


Needs camera access or else it doesn’t work

Aw. That doesn’t make any sense. Why can’t we just use voice since it is more simpler?


Can you not get a loan of a laptop?
Every one I’ve seen in the last few years has had a built in web cam.
I was really pleased to talk with @bochaco in Argentina last night and with so little work on my part to make it happen.
Thanks again to the devs - this is a real stride forward , really brings the community together and raises our confidence in the project.


@Grizmoblust try it. It wants Camera access, which means permission but maybe after granting that it would still allow voice & text?


You can also fake a camera with applications like manycam for testing purposes


“Insert broken record here…” So, whats going on with vaults? What is left to do? And are there any hang ups?


I’m sure someone else could answer better but what I know is async core is almost done (should be today or shortly after), disjoint groups is implemented into master branch of routing and is undergoing some tests and bug fixing, vaults are being coded to handle disjoint groups (which I believe is a relatively minor task) but am not sure is still ongoing. There should be more announcements soon about the routing tests performance which I’m really looking forward to. I bet @mav will do some elaborate performance testing on the routing and vaults once finished which I’m also looking forward to. I’m having a hard time putting my finger on the next move though. Is it alpha 2 with vaults from home with resource proof and node aging?? That would be huge. Or will that be test 12?? Will data chains be alpha 2? Hard to say for sure but they are coding like friggan crazy lately.


I’d expect the alphas will follow from successful tests, then with capability that can last for 6-8 weeks.


I am wondering what happened to maidsafe - which is a decentralized file system (as seen on max keiser like 3 years ago)

“Your file is cut up onto 4 encrypted bits and scattered out to 4 computers which each make copies of it… and when you want to open your file it is retrieved and put back together.” is what I have been repeating to all my crypto-friends for years now.

Just curious.


What you call MaidSafe is now called SAFEnetwork and you can try it out yourself, uploading files, publishing websites, blogs with comments, secure email, video chat (and some apps by community members):