MaidSafe Dev Update - May 31, 2018

Check out the UPDATE in my previous post in this thread.


Looking forward to the video and playing with the NuGet package


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it feels like Alpha 3 is just around the corner

You had me at Alpha 3 :star_struck::heart_eyes:


I absouletely love this project!


Great update Maidsafe devs,


:vulcan_salute: @Zoki and @Sotros25



Anyone looking for more info on PARSEC should also check out @pierrechevalier83 amazing new video explanation here: Pierre explains PARSEC


Any update on Exchanges? Whould be nice to annouce Huobi for instance.

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Could someone confirm if the implementation of PARSEC is ongoing? I see one task in jira called parsec milestone1 but thats it for now.

Yes, first we spec the tasks in Jira and then code it up with tests. The calculating the algorithm and specing tasks is the largest part. Code is 2nd last before testing. We have already the structs and API in place in documents as rust code snippets. So yes it is ongoing :wink:


Hi guys I’m fairly new with maidsafe only got on board about 6 months ago.Im not very good with tech but I was just wandering what parsec will do for an ordinary person in the future who plans on using the maid safe browser apps etc.?or is it just a pure development thing?cheers.David mc donald


Did you invite us somewhere? I wasn’t aware of anything.

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It’s more low level stuff. PARSEC fixes a fundamental problem the team have been wrestling with for some time. For the end user the result should be a quicker rollout of the full working version of SAFE.


thanks a million guys hopefully in a year or 2 we will see the full version.

More like a month or two

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No. It was a spontaneous moment with work mates, some that have been under a barage of facebook post about the safenet. I guess it reached tipping point and instead of pushing the subject, I was being questioned about it.
:slight_smile: Since your just down the road, you popped in to mind.

Edit: If I get them deeper/more hooked in to SAFENet, I see a good meetup opportunity.


Dreaming (20 characters)

Don’t keep your dreams so high. Alpha 3 and 4, beta still needed to be completed. 1-2 months is too optimistic.


Was rather answering the 1-2 years pesimistic prediction with a optimistic one. More realistic is probably 3-4.5 months .

A year or two is much more realistic then 3 or 4 months, especially for the final product. It was stated that Alpha 3 is right around the corner, so, I would give that a month in development time. We haven’t heard much about how far along into Alpha 4 development they are, at least versus what they have left to do. So, give that 6 months after Alpha 3. You are now at the end of 2018.

Beta is mostly just combining the Alphas with a true test Safecoin implementation on top, but also need to give Alpha 4 a little time to soak to let bugs pop up. So, maybe another 2 months after Alpha 4 to get Beta. Then you have a pretty extensive testing period, bug fixing, etc. This needs to be rock solid before going fully live, or bad actors will exploit it and ruin 10+ years of work seemingly overnight. So, expect at least 6 months of Beta to really put it through it’s paces. That brings us to Q3 2019. I think that’s a realistic time table as also fits some vague statements made by the team about how much funding they have left, and that they expect to start making money off network apps within about 18 months from now.


Totally agreed, I think exactly the same though alpha 4 might be a little earlier. However 1-1.5 year is realistic expectation given all information by the team.

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