MaidSafe Dev Update - May 31, 2018

Moving right along! Great work once again team, looking forward to the new video.

One project so far, but only an inquiry at this stage, not naming any names on that one as it was not public. Nothing concrete as of yet, but it is a lot to take in. So we will see.


Was about to reply but I see a few more knowledgeable bods are lining up beneath me so I’ll wait …

It would be cool if it was SOLID and worked on both SAFENetwork and clear net! :sunglasses:


It’s actually great you ask if it’s not clear @Blindsite2k. Currently the DOM API exposed in Beaker browser is a thin layer coded in the safe-app plugin that it’s shipped with it. Due to some technicalities that may not be important now (ask if you wanna know though), these functions return handles for the objects you create and interact with thru this DOM API, e.g. you get a handle for the safeApp instance you create to connect to the network, for a MutableData object that you would then use to commit to the network you also get a handle, etc.

In Peruse we were working on a couple of approaches to be able to not only remove these handles, but also in trying to have the DOM API to be much more similar and cohesive with the API exposed by safe_app_nodejs. The latter could be specially beneficial for developers trying to have apps which can be released as desktop apps but also deployed as web apps, so their internal code to interact with the SAFE Network will be almost the same and therefore very simple to port. This also makes it straight forward to be able to use the Web API once you learned how to use the safe_app_nodejs API, and vice-versa. I hope it helps in clarifying.


The semantic web is an idea of Tim Berners Lee to create a WWW of data rather than documents. Documents are made to be read by humans whereas the semantic web would be made to be read by machines and humans. I’ve found it hard to find a good high level description that doesn’t get too complex too quick but this works, for me at least

“The Semantic Web, Web 3.0, the Linked Data Web, the Web of Data…whatever you call it, the Semantic Web represents the next major evolution in connecting information. It enables data to be linked from a source to any other source and to be understood by computers so that they can perform increasingly sophisticated tasks on our behalf.”

@happybeing has been working on integrating SAFE with SOLID, a project built on semantic web protocols.


Great update as always!

Really great, will have a look tomorrow after a refreshing sleep and some coffee :+1:. Probably will study the video by @pierrechevalier83 first.


Fantastic news on the progress to the new website and on PARSEC marketing as well! It was amazing to see all of the articles and marketing coming out from the MaidSafe team, as well as all the community support for PARSEC over the past week.

Likewise, thank you to everyone who has also joined the Safe Network: Chicago Meetup group. After kicking off yesterday, we’re now at 29 members! :smiley:


You’ll have to hire some bouncers to turn people away …


Check out the UPDATE in my previous post in this thread.


Looking forward to the video and playing with the NuGet package


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it feels like Alpha 3 is just around the corner

You had me at Alpha 3 :star_struck::heart_eyes:


I absouletely love this project!


Great update Maidsafe devs,


:vulcan_salute: @Zoki and @Sotros25



Anyone looking for more info on PARSEC should also check out @pierrechevalier83 amazing new video explanation here: Pierre explains PARSEC


Any update on Exchanges? Whould be nice to annouce Huobi for instance.

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Could someone confirm if the implementation of PARSEC is ongoing? I see one task in jira called parsec milestone1 but thats it for now.

Yes, first we spec the tasks in Jira and then code it up with tests. The calculating the algorithm and specing tasks is the largest part. Code is 2nd last before testing. We have already the structs and API in place in documents as rust code snippets. So yes it is ongoing :wink:


Hi guys I’m fairly new with maidsafe only got on board about 6 months ago.Im not very good with tech but I was just wandering what parsec will do for an ordinary person in the future who plans on using the maid safe browser apps etc.?or is it just a pure development thing?cheers.David mc donald


Did you invite us somewhere? I wasn’t aware of anything.

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