MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC


i think the email in the first page of the whitepaper is wrong

∗MaidSafe Ltd., emails:


Anti-spam measure presumably?


probably didnt think that :sweat_smile:


Definitely helped, @antifragile! This concrete coin idea helped close the loop in a way that’s much more elegant than what we were considering before you brought it to our attention.
Big props :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


It sounds like it helped a lot! Thank you @Antifragile!!!


This is huge! Amazing work to the team on this breakthrough. Milestone like this make the hard work, persistence and patience all worth it. Just reading this post and the medium article has filled me with excitement I am finding it hard to contain. My wife and kids have been listening to me talking to myself and shouting out (with glee) for the past hour…haha. Will read the whitepaper tonight! Thank you for this contribution to world. To the moon and beyond :rocket:


Man, you guys are epic. Keep up the great work. To be better than DAG is serious innovation


Excellent news. I bet this has been like a ball & chain around your ankles and has now been removed. The importance of this will become more significant as we approach alpha 3.

Such big news and you know you have something important when the trolls start up. Like when answering why SAFE is in obscurity Incorporating Oyster protocol into SAFE web application?


…and they said it could not be done, well deserved win for all that have worked on this project :beers:


Great news! This calls for celebration with a kiwi delicacy


Is there a typo in the whitepaper?

A gossip protocol is used to allow ef- ficient communication between nodes, as in Hashgraph and [5].



Been following along for a long time now and been buying maid for quite some time as well yet this is my first post. I’m not a tech guy but this appears in so many ways to de-risk much of the remainder of work that needs to be done. Congrats to a team that doesn’t hype anything which is appreciated. I still see some “bros” tweeting FUD and non believers which is still irritating especially in this space that often requires next to nothing to get attention. I hope the maid team and contributors continue to press forward and people’s doubts are laid to rest as this starts gaining more traction to the crypto community and perhaps the general public. Keep up the good work!


This is amazing. How many others in the top 100 are turning out stuff like this.Well done guys. Its time to go for the roll out timeline


on twitter there seems to be a 50:50 split, either referencing parsec to star wars or to the safenetwork.

Not bad considering there is new star wars film out about a guy who appears to think a parsec is a unit of time.

Great work.


The role of PARSEC in the network is somewhat subtle in relation to all the other algorithms / mechanisms so I thought I’d paste here a bit of an elevator pitch that I’ve been sending to people today (who have no idea of computers):

The PARSEC paper was released overnight, written by some engineers at maidsafe who are building the safe network. It’s a new consensus algorithm, one that I think could end up replacing blockchain consensus as the dominant technique for trustless data storage. The main advantage is it’s very efficient and very fast. It allows the structure of the network to be defined / agreed in a secure way, which leads to being able to store data in that structure securely.

Congratulations to the authors. Can’t wait to read it in detail later.


Okay what I’m curious about is how all these different systems fit together and cover for each other. So far I’ve heard about a couple different systems during SAFE’s development including but not limited to:

  • Self Authentication
  • Node Aging
  • DAGs
  • BFT
  • All manner of APIs and codebases for different languages. I presume all that is for app development for different languages and OSes.
  • Vaults
  • the front end launcher (or is it Peruse now? I’m so confused).

And I’m just trying basically to fit the whole system together as to how the security works and how the system works. I mean I’m thrilled that the team has gotten a huge efficiency boost and is all that closer to Alpha 3 and Beta and all that. That is fucking AWESOME! But at the same time it’s all confusing as hell and you might as well have said “We just got a magic upgrade spell that boosted our experience gain!” for all the sense it made. And as someone who at least attempts to do to understand the technical stuff and keep up a bit, that’s kind of frustrating lol. Clarity would be good.


If we were a complete replacement for the Internet as we hope to at least aim for then you must realise that somebody who says, explain the whole Internet and all its algorithms to me can be a bit of a daunting task. It is a really hard job. Anyway I will try a wee bit

  • Self authentication - Allows people to create accounts, themselves. So no admin, blocking etc.
  • Self Encryption - Encrypts files automatically (and other stuff, but high level here)
  • Node Age - Ensures the nodes with most experience are more trusted.
  • Dag, BFT, PARSEC, add, remove, split, merge, secure message relay - All parts of the routing library, that allows nodes to find addresses on the network and secure these addresses. Send data via CRUST.
  • CRUST - Networking layer needed to transmit data over wires and networks.
  • Vault - The software program that stores chunks and pays users of the vault for running those. Vaults store data, process requests and more, all the vaults together are the equivalent of a huge server, but with no humans required to configure, secure or administer it.
  • API - Application Programming Interface, this is what developers use to “speak” to SAFE from their programs.
  • Bindings/Languages/OS’s - Lots of work we do to make sure those programs run on as many different computers as possible and be written in the language the developers wants, rather than us demanding they use our choice of a single language.
  • Peruse - A web browser for SAFE (forget launcher and the confusion :wink: )
  • SOLID - A set of APIs and functions that allow users to define what they share with others in a way that everyone uses the same descriptions of data (agreed labels).

There will be lots of tech words along the way, Dag, BFT, PBFT, uTP, TCP, NAT (full cone, port restricted, symmetric etc.), EC crypto, sync/async encryption, ECDH … huge long list which duckduckgo will explain :smiley:

Hope that helps


Now we just need some exchange listings!


Is there any update on exchange listing? Have some friends who would like to buy some safecoins but the availability is really small- only poloniex who is a trusted and secure exchange


News of A listing on binance now will push price way up.