MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC


Wow this IS huge, I was worried since ive never seen the team be this excited in all the years ive followed this project. Well done guys, this certainly deserves alot of attention. Super excited about further progress and the other parts to be released in upcoming weeks.

Quick question regarding this part: “We prove the algorithm’s correctness provided that less than a third of
participating nodes are faulty”. What happens if 34% of nodes are faulty? Would that be seen as a 51% attack when talking about blockchain? Is this prevented in any way considering other features in maid such as privacy and so forth? Yes as it wont be possible to tell how many nodes there are and thus what percentage is needed but you could still kind of brute-force attack the network for malicious intent. I dont see this as a problem at scale but in infancy stages…?


Well done maidsafe, incredible work


Indeed - I love the name… especially the middle 4 letters, indicating its role in enabling the ‘perfect back end’ :wink:

Fantastic work everyone at @maidsafe. Very much looking forward to seeing the outworking of this new mechanism in terms of the Safe network’s development & operation, and other projects that utilise this technology.

Massively looking forward to seeing the pieces come together on this new, and I trust very secure, foundation! :smiley:


If a third or more of the elder nodes in a section are faulty, they can break the consensus process.

There are three aspects that mitigate this risk:

  • The performance advantage given by gossip allows much larger section sizes

  • Node ageing means that there is a cost to having a faulty node in the network

  • Secure random rellocation means that a particular section can’t be targeted on purpose


Ah yes thank you for a quick reply, the secure random reallocation seals the deal imo, cant think of a way to get around that, despite resources…

Cheers guys, enjoy your evening and thank you all at @maidsafe for the great work!


Let’s get this to the front page of hacker news :smiley:


This is incredible. One small step for maidsafe, one giant leap for the distributed/cryptocurrency community.

Congrats to the Maidsafe team for their inspired hard work and to the community for backing the right horse. Now to poke at this over the next few days/weeks.


well done team only one thing to do tonight and that’s to get drunk :rofl::grin:


Thank you. I’ll be smiling even more a long the way knowing the SAFE Network just took one giant leap forward towards beta and full launch. Exciting times ahead! Can’t wait to get home and start learning how I can develop on top of SAFE.


Absolutely, we believe it is almost completely asynchronous with just one caveat (a malicious scheduler delaying messages), while not an attack that matters much it can be argued there is a little bit of synchronicity. We might address that but probably do not need to. The next 2 papers should be much more relevant for fully decentralised projects or a new Internet :wink: In time we will swing back to that point I imagine.

The time is now for the crypto-currency community to embrace open source and professionalism. We will push to launch but there is so much here for others to work on that it would be a crime if they ignore it. Effective sharding will also help many projects and we have that in the bag. Stuff I (we ?) would love to see progress on is, full network restarts, upgrades, and interoperability of apps (like SOLID take up) and homomorphic encryption to allow shared facts without identity leaks and much more. We embrace Open Source and hope others also will as this Internet needs fixed and fixed properly before much longer.

Now I am off for a beer, a big one :wink:


And you deserve it! I’d buy you one some day!


Congratulations everyone at Maidsafe. Truly groundbreaking stuff. From POW to POS and now to PARSEC, the ongoing innovation in crypto is fantastic.

From privacy thefts to malicious third parties (and governments!) it’s clear there’s never been a more urgent need for the Maidsafe project. With this crucial piece of the puzzle solved, I can’t wait for the network to get up and running…

What a time to be alive!


I’ll brew you one! :wink:


You and the entire team deserve it. Were I in Scotland that I would cover it too.

Frankly, the work that you guys are doing is amazing. Even if most of the crypto community would rather reward blowhards at this point in time, take solace in knowing that in the end, only substance will survive. Not just survive, thrive.

We are behind you all the way. Your success means our success. When the network is ready, you will see some of what we have also been quietly building to run on top of your creation.


I’ve just read the Medium post which, considering I’m not technical, gave me a real sense of what is happening here, and I literally can’t contain my excitement.

I’ve been involved since 2014 and have never lost faith in this project nor the team behind it - so congratulations on this major breakthrough!


i seriously feel bad for all the moments that i ever doubted this project.
it hasn’t been many though, i assure you :wink:


Nice. Let’s see PARSEC in action. Good job all.


OMG this is ground breaking work! Amazing job Maidsafe!!

Just read the Medium post and it blew my mind!

Role on Alpha 3 and beyond :grinning:


So many in the crypto sphere claimed Maidsafe was a scam or that it would never work.

The naysayers have been proven wrong!

Congrats to all you genius Tesla code writers, you truly have written history!

Thank you :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Congratulation MaidSafe team. I just found out that the link to PDF I send you 3 weeks ago is referenced in your PARSEC whitepaper. I hope it helped a little:) I am proud of you all. Thank you!