MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC

Don’t want to take to much credit from the devs but looks like the paperweight was a lucky charm :joy: It shall be forever known as the PARSEC paperweight. Well done and thank you :clap:t2::clap:t2:


@dirvine one question to you: so when will the team start this part: add, remove, split, merge and secure message relay? :slight_smile:


Awesome news! And a big congratulations to the Maidsafe team. This is truly a huge moment for the team and the community. Really looking forward to reading the white paper and watching the video next week (which I think is a great idea and would love to see more). With such a massive part of the puzzle solved I can only dream how long we have to wait for beta and full launch.


Happy to be 24th on this great update…

This marks the end of the unknowns we have to face before launch.

wow - that’s huge! SAFE in a happy place :smiley:

unlike the blockchain, it is efficient and does not sacrifice user’s computing resources on the altar of security.

That’s a big selling point with energy potentially a show stopper for PoW like BTC.

Drawing in other projects is a good idea… engaging with those unaware of SAFE by alerting them to what it can do, has to be the way forward.

To say the team are happy would be an understatement.

Well done to all. :+1:


Alpha 2, :smiley: cheeky but this is already in code. We will update a bit for this but those parts already exist. We will formally document them though.


This is great to hear. I’m glad that MaidSafe is behind open research and collaboration, even with its “competitors”.

Although now I’m left with the odd prospect of wondering if I should invest in IOTA, even though they’re hostile to researchers and seemed to have some fundamental flaws in their technology.


add, remove, split, merge and secure message relay? But this was mentioned as to do for routing to be ready for alfa 3 . does this mean that we can have alfa 3 soonish?


So this is basically a technology breakthrough? Kind of like a new invention?


Congratulations @maidsafe!!! You’ve cracked a nut that no one else has cracked and have been trying to for a long time. PARSEC (great name) is unprecedented and in typical Maidsafe fashion, doesn’t compromise on security. I hope you publish this everywhere with your name plastered all over it. IOTA and the others will definitely benefit so let’s hope they give Maidsafe the recognition they deserve, that’s why I believe this news should be highly publicized! That upcoming explainer video will be a welcome addition to our arsenal and YouTube, so let’s spread that like wild fire! Again, plastered with “Maidsafe”! :smile:

Great work to you all! This is a game changing milestone!


Wow really amazing Maidsafe devs,

I can’t pretend to understand all of the tech, but it looks like a big piece of the puzzle is solved with this algo, congrats. Super happy for you super ants that you only still have to basically add features.

Way to go


Congratulations team. You guys are true pioneers. :clap:


Ye are going to change the world. Wow.


What should I say Maidsafe team, one of the best! Thanks it’s a pleasure :clap:


I’m going to read the whitepaper now, hopefully I can wrap my head around it. This sounds so good I can hardly believe it!


It is Lisa, and there is much more to come.


@nicklambert has got me even more excited for next week now


Massive congratulations to all! Such a well-deserved and unbelievable accomplishment!


Awesome update! Great job and congratulations for all you hard working folks. :slight_smile:


Really great achievement this. Heads up to all at @MaidSafe and especially the designers of this PARSEC.

I’ve read the paper and I have no idea how you do it yet :smiley:. But this is how I see it in the most simple way…

  • A group of nodes connect to each other
  • They can all make statements like: User ABC has 2.5 Safecoin
  • If 67.1% of them agree that it is true it is true
  • Each node can verify that new state by looking at a local (very small) database to confirm the state is correct
  • By using disjoint sections (each group of nodes looks at its own little part of the network) the system can be asynchronous and is there for sharded to the level (maybe 15 or 20 nodes) needed. Which is like the most sharded thing out there I guess.
  • This removes the need for miners, blockchains and centralized entities that “confirm” the system because all the nodes confirm the parts of the network of which they are part of.

This is like incredibly amazing @maidsafe.


nice! Thats really great!