MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC


I’m hoping to see test Safecoin as early as early as possible - why delay?

Getting Safecoin right is critical, so I the sooner it’s implemented the sooner lessons can be learned. I hope test Safecoin makes it into Alpha 4… getting vaults & test Safecoin would be pretty exciting!


Alternatives for test(coin), to make it scammers more difficult: draft, preview, example, dummy…


Yes, but when you see the guy with his ponzicoin and folk bought that, it does make you wonder :wink:


I see that DraftCoin and AlphaCoin also already exist.


oh - when is the ico for those testsafecoin? :open_mouth: :innocent::joy:


lol you mean Maidsafe coin!?


Wasn’t meant to be taken 100% serious :wink:


PARSEC made me buy more


how about Dabeks? :+1: :slight_smile:


I would vote for either Troonies, PARSECs or AyrAirs (or is that AirAyrs?)


Parsecs sounds so cool


Lol oh my god hell no


That would be a real manurecoin, but we will be farming, so not that strange :wink:


There is now a video explanation of PARSEC by key developer Pierre here: Pierre explains PARSEC


GREAT WORK Maidsafe team. I am a long term believer in this project.

Another dumb question from a non-technical person ie me -
I heard Ethereum has been looking at Sharding as a possible solution to its scalability issues. Can they perhaps look into becoming one of the chains (datachain) on the Maidsafe network to solve their scalability issues? Not sure if my question makes any sense.


No, I guess not. You could store anything on SAFE so also even a blockchain. But the highly parallel datachain is completely different from Ethereum’s blockchain. Ethereum’s has some people working on their own for of storage btw.


Was woundering regarding the post on twitter from one of the devs : It’s possible that #PARSEC will actually be fully asynchronous soon! We have some promising ideas for improving the concrete coin. I’m excited :slight_smile: #SAFENetwork
Does this mean the implementation of PARSEC is on hold ?


No it is not on hold. There is a team implementing and a few folks still looking for any improvements and interop with routing. PARSEC implementation is ongoing :+1:


Great to hear!
Seeing activity in here …finally… sorry :sweat_smile:
and here


And HERE obviously!!